My friend Lynne Henderson is a Wonderverse super-fan and Alice Aficionado supreme. I have had the pleasure of enjoying Tarty Tarts masterfully created by Lynne at the Comic-Cons we have both immersed ourselves into—and recently as I craved a taste of those sweet treats, I thought I should give Lynne a platform to explain her take on the magic of Alice In Wonderland...
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Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany (1853-1884), was the eighth and youngest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Handsome, gentle, charmingly shy, he received more of his mother’s attention than he liked, and as a young man he decided that the best means for gaining his independence was through marriage. Leopold suffered from hemophilia, however, […]
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Imagination is the lifeblood of existence. Here in our happy little home realm of Earth we are not only dependent on our Imaginations for liberation from the mundane, but also for all innovative progress. A great creative mind can be the difference between total disaster or awesome advancement. But… Where does Imagination come from? And how does it actually work?
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Q&A with Frank Beddor and Gregory Maguire

Author Frank Beddor
Welcome to Ask 5 Answer 5, where I ask 5 questions of a writer I would love to have a conversation with.  In return, they ask me 5 questions and we mash it all up here for your reading pleasure. My inaugural guest is author Gregory Maguire, perhaps best known for Wicked. Q: FB First […]

The Mantra of Interconnectivity Meets the Mandala of The Looking Glass Wars

Author Frank Beddor
To understand the full extent of the storytelling success of The Looking Glass Wars, one must understand all the components of the LGW world. Here, author and creator Frank Beddor discusses how the “beyond the book” activity affects the story and success of the books.


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