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Recently I was a guest on the podcast Legendarium with Craig Hanks—and he prompted the question “Why do stories last?” We had a wonderful conversation, which inspired this blog. Check out my conversation with Craig! Stories endure because they are the timeless bridges connecting us across generations, cultures, and experiences. Great stories resonate because they […]
Before the revelations of The Looking Glass Wars, there was a much more personal war fought in Wonderland between two sisters. The elder, Rose Heart was born to be the next Queen of Wonderland, endowed with brilliance, confidence and power, she was a natural for the throne. But Rose was the wild one, the rebellious […]
Have you ever finished the best, most heart-wrenching, life-changing book in the world, and had no one to talk about it with? No one who gets it? Well fear no more. For you, we have compiled a list of our absolute favorite booktubers on the internet. These bookish individuals will share their enthusiasm for reading […]

Check Out These Inspired Dances From Alice in Wonderland That Wow Audiences!

Author Bibwit Harte
As the Royal Scholar of Wonderland, I, Bibwit Harte am tasked with peering through the Pool of Tears to see the myriad of creations inspired by Wonderland, from Lewis Carroll’s fanciful novels, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland  and Through the Looking Glass first published in 1865, to the 1951 animated movie Alice in Wonderland from Disney […]

Modern Alice In Wonderland Fancy Drinks Your Friends Will Love

Author Marco Arizpe
Good day and good eating to you, Once again it is I, Chef Rouxby the royal chef de cuisine at the Heart Castle and here as your most competent guide to imaginative kitchens of Wonderland. Having survived being a chef to the Heart Queens for many reigns, it seems only sensible to share these delightful […]

The Graphic World of Wonderland – 8 Alice In Wonderland Comics You Need To See To Believe

Author Marco Arizpe
Lewis Carroll’s writing prowess allowed him to craft Wonderland, a world whose very name conjures vivid imagery in the mind’s eye.  The unique realm was so singular in its appearance that the author had to invent a few words, and augment a few more, just to capture a fraction of his own creation (though of […]

Pop Culture References To Alice In Wonderland You Just Can’t Miss

Author Jared Hoffman
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol is the most quoted book in the world behind the bible. This fact may come as a shock to you since the bible is read and used in many different situations around the world and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is an absurdist political commentary of an era in […]

You Won’t Believe How Cool These 2022 Alice in Wonderland Gifts Are

Author Jared Hoffman
Holiday shopping is an annual source of anxiety and stress for me. Is it because I leave the shopping for the last second? Probably. Worry not, for I scoured the net to find the perfect gifts for you to get your Alice-obsessed loved ones this holiday season instead of searching for gifts for my loved ones. On top of having the perfect items for the Alice in Wonderland themed gift, I will also have the Looking Glass Wars equivalent (or better) gift for you to consider as well.

Amazing Things You Can Do To Celebrate The Holidays 2022 With Alice In Wonderland

Author Jared Hoffman
With the holidays coming up I know all you Alice-heads and Looking-Glass-lovers are shopping around for the perfect thing for those who love all things Wonderland. I’m not going to give that to you. Things are temporary, but memories, those are forever. Wait, what lasts longer again, memories or plastic? Whatever the case, I’m going to give you five perfect Alice in Wonderland experiences that you and your loved ones can enjoy over the holidays.

This Is No Game: Tim Story Should Look At Frank Beddor Monopoly Movie Treatment

Author Jared Hoffman
I was talking with my boss Frank Beddor the other day and our conversation landed on childhood. No, we weren’t comparing trauma, we were talking about board games. I had brought up Monopoly and Frank brought up the fact that he had actually written a Monopoly movie with Eric Laster years prior. I thought he was making a joke but he was actually completely serious.

The Looking Glass Wars, Season One Outline: Part III

Author Frank Beddor
Redd stalks the imperial hallways, convinced that Alyss is plotting an attack and impatient for The Cat to return with her actual head. Learning of Hatter Madigan’s reappearance, Redd decides—in contrast to the common wisdom of coaches everywhere—that the best defense is an aggressive offense. On Earth, unable to ignore her memories but still suppressing […]

This is How They Found the Music for the New Alice In Wonderland Project – The Looking Glass Wars

Author Frank Beddor
Before I started writing The Looking Glass Wars, I did a lot of research on the cultural impact of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. I was struck by the depth and richness of the music influenced by Lewis Carroll’s books.  Artists from Jefferson Airplane and Bob Dylan to Tom Petty to Gwen Stefani have used imagery based on ‘Alice’ in their songs and videos.  I wondered what would it sound like if the true story of Alyss Heart of Wonderland was told through contemporize music?

The Looking Glass Wars, Season One Outline: Part II

Author Frank Beddor
Hatter re-energized and refocused, certain that Princess Heart is alive and in need of him, Hatter regains himself, as it were, and we see his awesome martial ability in a glorious action-escape set-piece. He summons his extraordinary hat back to him and fights through an army of orderlies and guards, dishing out a bloody revenge […]

Oh, Dear! Handbags From Wonderland You Simply Must See – Holidays 2022

Author Frank Beddor
On Cyber Monday 2022, the web will be brimming with deals, some so good a shopper may think they’ve fallen down the rabbit hole into Wonderland itself. Keeping our favourite fandom close at hand is a must for the savvy Alice In Wonderland aficionados—and what better day to procure the items to do just that? […]

The Looking Glass Wars, Season One Outline: Part I

Author Frank Beddor
Cold Open: A seven-year-old girl, clutching the hand of a man dressed in a long, flaring coat and top hat, runs through the dark woods. An overly muscled humanoid-feline with a nasty grin pursues them, leaping from tree to tree, all of which seem to whisper and whine in complaint. The girl stumbles. The man […]

The Best Alice In Wonderland Gifts To Grab For Black Friday & Christmas 2022

Author Frank Beddor
Here come the holidays! The time for feasts and family. For mad tea parties and thoughtful fun. Perhaps you or your loved ones are fans of All Things Alice? After all, you are reading this blog—and so dear reader, let us take a tumble down the rabbit hole of frabjous gift giving with this collection […]

The Royal Recipes of Wonderland: Baking Recipes You Won’t Believe

Author Marco Arizpe
It is I, Chef Rouxby the royal chef de cuisine at the Heart Castle and your most competent author of this fine bit of cookery know-how. I have been informed that this time of year on Earth is when the peoples of your realm gather to feast and make merry, how delightful. Seeing how a multi-course feast might be out of reach for a chef outside the various royal estates in Wondertropolis, I have set out an ideal appetizer, entree, and classic desert to delight any taster you entertain this Thanksgiving or holiday season.

The Alice in Wonderland World Is A Fantasy: But This Isn’t…

Author Frank Beddor
BBC Radio Segment – Transcribed ANNCR: On today’s “Tracking the Muse” BBC entertainment reporter Jonathan Owens examines a controversial book that purportedly unmasks perhaps the greatest literary lie of all time. Jonathan Owens: For generations, Lewis Carroll’s beloved novels, “ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND” and “THROUGH THE LOOKING-GLASS, AND WHAT ALICE FOUND THERE,” over the years […]


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