Princess Alyss Heart’s history was a bloody tale, full of power and terror and even a glowing glimmer of hope. When Charles Lutwidge Dodgson (a.k.a. Lewis Carroll) heard the harrowing story, he was full of good intentions. The writer did his best, crafting a story of whimsy that amused children and adults alike—however, they did not amuse Alice Liddell. The familiar faces of her childhood were warped, the truth obscured. These are the facts behind Lewis Carroll’s fabrications...
Prince Leopold, Duke of Albany (1853-1884), was the eighth and youngest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert. Handsome, gentle, charmingly shy, he received more of his mother’s attention than he liked, and as a young man he decided that the best means for gaining his independence was through marriage. Leopold suffered from hemophilia, however, […]
Imagination is the lifeblood of existence. Here in our happy little home realm of Earth we are not only dependent on our Imaginations for liberation from the mundane, but also for all innovative progress. A great creative mind can be the difference between total disaster or awesome advancement. But… Where does Imagination come from? And how does it actually work?


Author Frank Beddor
What is the secret to growing a franchise from niche beginnings to global goliath status? I asked my good friend (and marketing mastermind) Vincent Bruzzese this question—and found myself tumbling down the rabbit hole as he shared his findings on the makings of the biggest IPs dominating the entertainment landscape.

Lewis Carroll, the Writer that got Alice In Wonderland Wrong

Author Frank Beddor
By all accounts, Reverend Dodgson was an austere, fastidious man, a puttering, fussy bachelor inclined toward conservatism in politics, religion, and social mores. Such a man would seem an unlikely candidate to author Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland, whose enchanting nonsense has held the world under its whimsical sway for over 150 years and counting. But the history of imagination is filled with surpris­ing paradoxes, and Charles Lutwidge Dodgson was the greatest paradox of all.

Introducing Hatter Madigan, AKA the Mad Hatter

Author Frank Beddor
This is NOT the story of the Mad Hatter. Hatter Madigan, is an expert bladesman, a High Cut of Wonderlands Millinery, not the tea guzzling madman of children's lit. The only visual connection to the (Mad) Hatter in Lewis Carroll's books or the Disney film Alice in Wonderland is the iconic hat. Discover the truth.

Who is Alyss? Shatter the Myth, Discover the Real Alice In Wonderland

Author Frank Beddor
Meet Alyss Heart of Wonderland: a princess brought up with all the entitlement due an heir to the throne. On her seventh birthday, she was targeted in a bloody coup perpetrated by her aunt Redd, in which her father and mother, the king and queen, were killed. The royal bodyguard Hatter Madigan whisked her to relative safety through The Pool of Tears, a portal to other worlds...

Dear Inquiring Minds...

Author Frank Beddor
What if I told you that a titan of IP slumbers largely untapped? That while only a fraction of its potential has been realized, it’s already a worldwide cultural phenomenon? What if I told you that I was talking about Lewis Carroll’s ALICE’S ADVENTURES IN WONDERLAND?

The Mad Hatter prevails! Author Frank Beddor sizes up an icon

Author Frank Beddor
Bestselling author Frank Beddor knows the landscape of Wonderland as the creator of the "Looking Glass Wars" series of novels and the "Hatter M" graphic novels. Today, as Disney basks in the glow of a $210-million opening weekend of Tim Burton's "Alice in Wonderland," Beddor considers the pop-culture persistence of the Mad Hatter. Riddle: When […]


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