• LoW In Production

    The epic conclusion to the Hatter M saga has been successfully backed on Kickstarter! Love of Wonder is in production now!

  • Rings of Orbis

    Become the most powerful citizen of an alien society! This science fiction game is based on the best selling book series The Softwire by PJ Haarsma. Click on the artwork above to play the game!

  • Hatter M

    “Whether you're intimately familiar with the realm, or have not yet found the joys of Wonderland, HATTER M: MAD WITH WONDER is a unique take on a classic and is definitely worth checking out.” -Fangoria

  • The Looking Glass Wars

    "Ingenious, powerful, eventful and dark" - The Sunday Times

  • Zen of Kickstarter is a Success!

    Thanks to the support of our readers, the Hatter M Kickstarter was a great success! Share in our creation and find out where Hatter's travels take him in Vol. 4, Zen of Wonder. Click the above image to order your copy today!

  • School Visits

    Would you like Frank Beddor to visit your school? Click the picture above to get more details, or email Frank at automaticstudio@gmail.com!