Comic Books That Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland Fans Really Love

While the wise among us will know that Lewis Carroll sanitized the story that Alice Liddell (or more accurately Alyss Heart) told him, the proliferation of the fastidious Oxford professor’s creation is undeniably incredible. His take on Wonderland, the place of the march hare, hookah smoking caterpillars, cheshire cats, and of course Mad Hatter tea parties is indisputably dominant. Across the globe the timeless tale has been told and retold, twisted and remixed (if you want a fantastic list of some graphic novel reimaginings, check out The Graphic World of Wonderland).

From the very early days of Alice In Wonderland artists sought to bring the whimsy of Carroll’s creation to life. John Tenniel immediately leapt into the creative work of illustrating the story we all came to love—however he would be far from the last to realize that a picture is indeed worth a thousand words. Read on to discover some of the most amazing Alice comic books that used the power of visual storytelling to take us through the looking glass and experience Alice’s adventures in beautiful style.


Alice in Wonderland featuring charlotte henry, early colorized photo 1933 from paramount pictures
Alice in Wonderland featuring charlotte henry, early colorized photo 1933 from paramount pictures

This “big little book” is an adaptation of the Paramount Pictures vision of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, even going so far as to use frames from the actual film and promote the actress portraying our dear Queen.

One of the more charming aspects of this unusual adaptation of an adaptation, is that the story stays the same but the visuals grow ever stranger as the surreal costuming of Wonderland’s residents is made all the more unsettling with the addition of whimsical coloring.


Hanna-Barbera's animated Alice in Wonderland comic book cover presented by Rexall, 1965
Hanna-Barbera’s animated Alice in Wonderland comic book cover presented by Rexall, 1965

An interesting rendition of Lewis Carroll’s fantasy, perhaps much like the original author of Alyss’ adventures, this comic book produced by Rexall Family Pharmacies has Alice falling into a TV instead of the rabbit hole as a promotion for ABC Hanna-Barbera’s animated musical.

In this amusing reversal for this list, where the comic precedes the animation, this version of Wonderland carries the distinctive art style that such Hanna-Barbera classics as The Flintstones and the original Scooby-Doo.


Later on we get to see the tales of Alice in Wonderland and Through The Looking Glass in the style of classic comic books of the era. An “illustrated classic” from King Classic, this iteration of the classic tale has an art style that seems most appealing to younger readers.

Placed within King Classic’s greater catalogue of literature adapted into comic form, it is quite clear that the adventures of Queen Alyss as told by Lewis Carroll continue to hold a high place in the imaginations of Earth readers.


Whitman Comics returns again to grace our list with another transformation of Walt Disney’s beloved animated depiction of Alice (Alyss) and the madcap return to Wonderland. The art is the quality one would expect from Disney’s artists & animators, looking quite like the still art of the animated film.

If you are a fan of this comic book release, and are quite tired of staring into glowing screens of your crystal entertainment systems, then you might find a new enjoyment of an old classic.


Cover of Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland graphic novel presented by Disney 2010
Cover of Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland graphic novel presented by Disney 2010

Once again we are graced with another vision of Wonderland from the vault of the Disney company with the rabidly popular version crafted by one Tim Burton. Like its predecessors, this comic borrows heavily from the visual style and tone of the film, what changes is the whimsical and oddball personal touches of the Italian author and illustrators behind this tale.

The grander scale of the conflict between the Queens of Wonderland, and the unhinged aspect to “Hatter’s” personality do shine through in this particular adaptation; the softer faces of the art style reintroduces a humanity one may find lacking in the heavily animated film.


The Complete Alice in Wonderland from Dynamite Comics features an animated Alice looking at the reader as if we were down a rabbit hole
The Complete Alice in Wonderland from Dynamite Comics features an animated Alice looking at the reader as if we were down a rabbit hole

Perhaps this old tutor has grown sentimental, while this re-imagining of Lewis Carroll’s fantasy takes its major beats from his Alice in Wonderland its art style and tone have a stark and at times shocking touch of realism. The somber faces of Earth’s people contrasted with maddened grins of the familiar faces on Wonderland provides excellent contrast between the two realms.

The wild and strange characters that populate Wonderland take the familiar forms given to them by Carroll with an eerie quality developed by this version’s authors (John Reppion & Leah Moore) that hints at the darker nature that hides behind the looking glass.


Like their fellow creators at Kings Classics, the fine folks at Campfire Graphic Novels have produced their own modern take on Lewis Carroll’s beloved story. Like many of the other direct adaptations of the famed novel, Campfire presents the original story with a rich, colorful art style.

Similar in method to the other creators who clearly took Carroll’s tale to heart, this version aims to bring Queen Alyss’ adventures to the imaginations of Earth’s youth.

ALICE IN WONDERLAND (AP Entertainment Comics, 2013)

From acclaimed Eisner Award nominated creator Rob Espinosa (Neotopia and The Courageous Princess), the timeless tale of “Alice” is brought to life with lavish colors and the rebellious spirit of Queen Alyss herself.

Continuing the trend of Wonderland evolving with the time, Espinosa’s style and tone remind this humble tutor of more modern works such as Adventure Time or Steven Universe, with simplified character designs tied together with more dynamic expressions and movements.


I would be in need of lessons from Bibwit Harte himself were I not to point out the continuing trend of revisiting the original Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass in visual formats. Generations later we are still peering down rabbit holes, wondering where they might take us, so our imagination seeks out a brave young girl who dared to look.

However, never forget, this is not the crystal-clear truth of the events of Queen Alyss’ life, nor does it begin to scratch the surface of what Hatter Madigan accomplished in order to reunite us with our dear Queen of Hearts.

Next time we shall see what bizarre and mad alternative worlds have been imagined into the ink-filled frames of comics, graphic novels, and more. Adventures that cut closer to home for those who are familiar with the storied history of the true Wonderland beyond the looking glass.

Meet The Author

Marco Arizpe

Marco Arizpe graduated from the University of Southern California and The American Film Institute with degrees in filmmaking and screenwriting. His brand of borderland gothic horror stems from his experiences growing up in a small town where Texas and Mexico meet. Culturally steeped in a rich history of all things terrifying, Marco never fails to bring forward indigenous folklore in contemporary and fresh settings.

Have You Checked Out These Mush-see Fungus From Alice In Wonderland?

One cannot think of Wonderland without imagining the iconic imagery of mushrooms. The mushrooms from Alice In Wonderland have entwined the symbol of cute little fungi with freethinking counter culture, adorable family friendly cartoons, and even the creepy dark corners of Alice reimagined for the modern mind. One does always expect to spot Lewis Carroll’s caterpillar puffing away on the umbrella tops of mushrooms.

But, what about the truth behind the fiction? In the Looking Glass Wars, Wonderlanders rely on the goodness of mushrooms for a great many things. It inspires a respect for the variety and volume of fungi. The same is most certainly true for the realm of Earth.

Today we will explore the fascinating organisms that impact the day-to-day more than you might ever have realized. Hereto is a list of Wonderland’s fungi both fascinating and frightening…


Valley Of Mushrooms
TheValley Of Mushrroms (Art by Brian Flora)

Perhaps the most obvious feature of the Valley are the gigantic mushrooms from which it derives its name. In this valley, these towering mushrooms serve as homes of the sagacious Caterpillars. It is yet unknown how or why the color of the mushrooms correspond to the Caterpillar Oracle that sits upon it.

Wonderland is not the only world that owes much to the goliaths, there were once similar giant fungi of Earth in that world’s ancient past that helped to spur the very beginnings of life. Though it is tragic such giants have disappeared from one realm, if Wonderland is a reflection of other worlds then we shouldn’t be too surprised to find that these titans are far from gone.

Not all giants are visible to the untrained eye, and in certain places of Earth like the Blue Mountains of North America, where a humongous fungus reigns as the largest living thing known to their sciences. The true mass of this giant lives underroot, a vast network of mycelium that, if you were smaller than a dormouse, might appear to be a grand root network connecting the whole of the wilderness. Such a lovely landscape can hide many mysteries beneath the surface.


Though mushrooms can be delicious and nutritious, they in equal measure can be dangerous. A keen mind and well confirmed knowledge are required before consuming—lest the worst be brought to pass. The deadliness of fungi cannot be overstated, and perhaps no more a malicious mushroom exists in Wonderland than that of the poisonous pink mushroom. Though “poisoning” is the least of one’s concerns as that pink fungus “roots” itself in the unfortunate victim, strangling the heart with its explosive growth of mycelium.

Though there is a history of darker personalities using these toxic mushrooms for their own nefarious needs, in the hum-drum manner that “reality” operates on for most worlds, the truth is most victims of fungi eat them on accident. Wonderland will never forget or forgive Redd Heart for using a Pink Mushroom to murder her mother in a most vicious act of royal matricide.

While some mushrooms like the Podostroma cornu-damae my look like some prankster has left gwormmies on the forest floor, there are more mundane-looking mushrooms that carry such nefarious names as “Death Caps” and the “Deadly Dapperling” (sounds like a certain Hatter Madigan). It is the appearance of the ordinary that often allows us to lower our guards and fall into the poisonous grasp of things better left alone.

However, these fatal fungi bring about pain & destruction to the internals of their victims through chemistry while the deadly pink mushroom is much more invasive, like the spores of another fungi found in the Valley of Mushrooms…


I would not dare imagine what goes on in a Wonderlander’s mind as the spores of certain mushrooms in the Valley take hold of the body and brain. There has been ample evidence of the resulting infected becoming “Shroombies” as discovered by Wonderland operatives. More of such misadventures of Ovid Grey can be gleaned from the comic book Frank Beddor’s Looking Glass Wars – Underfire.

As nightmarish as it might seem, such mushrooms are not just a fungi grown in soil of imagination but exist in the real world. The genus of parasitic mushrooms called Cordyceps have captured the imaginations, literally and figuratively (chortle), of many Earthlanders. It would seem though that these Earth “shroombies” are more interested in being consumed than consuming others, not including the bodies of the hosts’ which are consumed in the process of the mushrooms’ lifecycle.

Familiar as a Wonderlander may be with the varied and bizarre alchemy that can be seen in the Pool of Tears, the strange imaginations of those on Earth who would willing consume the Cordyceps mushroom boggles the mind more than the Mad Hatter.

It is claimed that the mushroom is a useful remedy for serious illnesses such as cancer or issues regarding the liver and kidneys; it seems most ingest the mushroom in hopes of improved performance (as athletes or lovers), but there seems to be little evidence on any actual benefits.

But to put this darker chapter of mycology behind us, it would be good to remember that fungi are more often our friends than not.


Not all fungi you might face are a poisonous snack or a zombifying nightmare.

Retracing our steps back to the beginning (because obviously to begin at the beginning is a wise course of action), you may recall the giant mushrooms of the Valley that the sagacious Caterpillars make their homes. Well, it seems the people of Earth are on a similar path to using the versatile fungi of their home world to create everything from building materials to medicines.

The world of fungi is so entwined with the people of Earth that “citizen scientists” such as William Padilla-Brown have made it their mission to catalogue and cultivate the unimaginable potential of mushrooms. (Ah if only more people were so studious and eager to learn—Bibwit Hart would be overjoyed at the idea.)

Picture a world where your food, medicine, clothes, and even the roof over your head could all be grown cleanly. Now that is an exercise of powerful imagination!

Meet The Author

Marco Arizpe

Marco Arizpe graduated from the University of Southern California and The American Film Institute with degrees in filmmaking and screenwriting. His brand of borderland gothic horror stems from his experiences growing up in a small town where Texas and Mexico meet. Culturally steeped in a rich history of all things terrifying, Marco never fails to bring forward indigenous folklore in contemporary and fresh settings.

Aspects of Arch: Who is King Arch In Our World?

Like a recurring nightmare, the enemies of Wonderland always seek to strike at the very Heart of our imaginations. Following the Boarderland King’s contact with the Heart Crystal, many ask the questions: “What happened to King Arch?”

If we are to peer into the Pool of Tears, and our memories of recent events, we can see the first and perhaps most damaging instance of such a “collision.” While it boggles the imagination as to how Queen Redd might have survived such an experience, what was spawned on the other side of the looking glass was less than surprising considering the Redd’s vicious determination.

So it stands to reason that if we are to search for a sign of Arch, we must look not for a villain calling himself “King of Boarderland & Wonderland”. Instead, we must seek out the fragments of Arch’s foul imagination having taken root in the minds of men.


Jack The Ripper
Jack The Ripper

A mysterious murderer who needs no introduction. The infamous serial killer who haunted Whitechapel exhibits the brutality and misogyny that made King Arch such a foul enemy of Queen Alyss and is considered by many to be the symbolic death of England’s Victorian era.

While we may never truly understand the man and the motive behind “The Ripper,” one can see the glimmer of King Arch’s cruelty and cunning when it comes to terrorizing the vulnerable. But not every aspect of Arch is so blatantly malevolent, some find themselves at odds with the realm they are in and seem to try and bring it down or escape it.


Pete Browning

A star of the early days of modern American baseball, Pete Browning was a heavy drinking but talented athlete who carried some strange beliefs, including the idea that baseball bats only contained a limited number of hits in them before they lost their “pow.”

His attitude and skill would give him the moniker of “The Louisville Slugger” years before the title would be branded by the H&B Company. While not the madman that Arch was, Browning clearly was a giant in his field and would be an “Arch”etype for many of baseball’s most colorful players.


Sante Geronimo Caserio
Sante Geronimo Caserio

The Italian anarchist whose notoriety erupted from his assassination of the French president Carnot to avenge the executions of his fellow anarchists. The bombastic trial of Caserio is punctuated by his bold refusal of plea deals and his proclamations of his anarchist ideas. King Arch’s distrust of “Queendoms” seems to have reached a full boil of distrust of any form of authority and their allies. Perhaps a sign of what King Arch’s continued reign of Wonderland would have looked like, a violent anarchy.


General Custer
General Custer

An educated and decorated commander in the American Union Army who would met his brutal end at the Battle of Little Bighorn, or the “Battle of Greasy Grass” as it was known to the Natives who fought against this military man.

King Arch himself could only be this aggressive and merciless in battle, as Custer would even use full military force against the unarmed peoples of the Indian Nations. And like the Boarderland King, his force of personality has echoed through time to blur the line between hero and villain.


Ferdinand Esterhazy
Ferdinand Esterhazy

A French military officer and spy for Germany, his nation’s enemy at the time. What is most villainous about this possible aspect of Arch’s tale is not just his betrayal of oaths & friends, but the antisemitic scapegoating of Alfred Dreyfus as the individual responsible for Esterhazy’s treason.

Unfortunately, Esterhazy would not face justice and would be quietly dismissed from military service. He would spend his final days in Britain where he would live on his military pension until his death and burial under a false name & date. Like Arch, this one has “gotten away with it.”


Ned Kelly
Ned Kelly

Equally hero and villain in his homeland of Australia, Ned Kelly truly embodies the aspect of Arch that made him “king” to the rough-and-tumble peoples of the Boarderlands. A long history of robbery, bush ranging, and eventually the murder of police officials, would come to an end at Kelly’s trial and execution.

Today, Ned Kelly holds the distinct “honor” of being synonymous with rebellion and “Robin Hood” banditry in Australia. However, one needs only to look at the long list of deaths associated with the man to appreciate that one person’s hero can be another’s worst nightmare.


Black Bart
Black Bart

An unusual entry into this list of potential aspects of King Arch, considering this colorful stagecoach robber of the American West was rumored to have never fired a single shot during his robberies. Black Bart was reputed to be a “gentleman bandit” with an air of sophistication, even leaving poetic messages at two robberies for the police.

Following his arrest and serving time in the notorious San Quentin Prison, Charles “Black Bart” Boles disappear into the realm of rumors and tall tales.


William Buckley
William Buckley

Formerly a soldier from “Alice’s” England, William Buckley would be convicted of theft and be sentenced to the Australian penal colonies. When the settlement proved lacking in vital resources such as fresh water and eventually Buckley left to try his own luck.

Buckley’s would be saved by members of the Wathaurong people and he would live amongst them for the next thirty-two years. Buckley would prevent conflict between indigenous and English colonizers, the latter of which would learn who Buckley was, leading to his eventual pardon and return to European society.

It seems that the dark imagination of men like King Arch persists through the Continuum into realms beyond Wonderland, or perhaps the Boarderland tyrant himself persists like an ink stain on a page. Should Arch be half the villain that Queen Redd continues to be, then perhaps the realm of Wonderland should expect a return.

To read more about the Boarderlands, check out The Books of The Looking Glass Wars.

Though we can never be certain of King Arch’s fate, we must stay vigilante should the tyrant ever show his face(s) in the Pool of Tears again.

Meet The Author

Marco Arizpe

Marco Arizpe graduated from the University of Southern California and The American Film Institute with degrees in filmmaking and screenwriting. His brand of borderland gothic horror stems from his experiences growing up in a small town where Texas and Mexico meet. Culturally steeped in a rich history of all things terrifying, Marco never fails to bring forward indigenous folklore in contemporary and fresh settings.

Modern Alice In Wonderland Fancy Drinks Your Friends Will Love

Good day and good eating to you,

Once again it is I, Chef Rouxby the royal chef de cuisine at the Heart Castle and here as your most competent guide to imaginative kitchens of Wonderland. Having survived being a chef to the Heart Queens for many reigns, it seems only sensible to share these delightful recipes while they are still in my head.

As the Earth nears the celebration of another year of whimsy & madness, I am told it is quite common to provide your guests with drinks and merriment to welcome the new year. So, collect your crystal goblets and take care to not spill as we enter the madcap world of mixology!

Wingelfruit Punch

Let us start with the favorite drink of Princess of Wonderland Alyss Heart herself, and one I delightfully served at her birthday parties… until, well you know. There are few beverages as appropriate for a party as punch, one which can be served to all guests without risking the merriment between your houses. Using a base of pleasantly tart wingelfruit juice, or this “cran berry” of the Earth realm, you can create a balanced yet sweet beverage that can pair with any of the savory treats you might have crafted for the occasion.

Ideally you will be able to find all the available fruits & their juices without any added sugars or similar alchemist sweeteners; nature is sweet enough, my dearies. Should you wish to further impress your guests, I would recommend bringing out your lord or lady’s finest crystal goblets to let the fruit truly shine in the eyes before the palate.

However, if your guests are rowdier then perhaps some paper cups embellished with the symbols of Wondertropolis’ great houses are in order (believe me, it will save your Walrus Butler hours of sweeping broken glass).

Wingelfruit Punch


We start simply by mixing your variety of fruit juices in a large serving pitcher or similar container and set aside in your “refrigerating box” until you are ready to begin the drink service.

In the lull between exciting party games (or clean-ups), now is the time to slice your fruit for garnishing your guests’ beverages. I would recommend using the same kind of fruit as the juices you have procured for this punch.

Now that your guests are arriving, and you are ready to begin drink service; add your sliced fruit to the cup but do not over-crowd as this is a beverage not a fruit salad and add ice if requested.

Then add the ale of ginger last, while not alcoholic like a standard ale I’m told, it is from a fabulously fizzy style of drink on Earth called “soda pop.”

Add this delightfully bubbly ingredient to your punch last, poured slowly as to avoid the loss of such “action” in your guests’ glasses.

Serve and enjoy cold.

Mulled “Flugelberry” Wine

Any reputable chef or cook in Wonderland would be wise to keep their kitchen stocked with good flugelberry wine for cooking & drinking. That said, not every bottle will impress a Diamond much less a Heart Queen, so to entice the tastes of your guests one can “improve” their wine with the spices & fruits that warm up your cup with a taste of the seasons.

While you mull over which glassware to use, be aware that this recipe is quite versatile depending on your available wines, spices, and fruit so there is very little you can do “wrong” here. This is a delicate process though, so be careful to keep that fire under control and allow the cinnamon-minnamon to bring the heat.

Mulled Flugelberry Wine


Combine your ingredients. Add your wine, brandy, orange slices, cloves, cinnamon, anise, and sugar (or honey) and stir briefly in a large saucepan.

If you cannot source whole spices depending on the location and season of your realm, then using a spiced tea like chai is a good substitute. If you plan on a late evening beverage, then perhaps acquire a decaffeinated blend of tea.

Simmer your ingredients on medium-low heat, being careful to keep the wine from bubbling. Steam is quite fine, but bubbles mean trouble. Reduce the heat and cover with a lid, allowing to continue simmering for at least 15 minutes, and up to 3 hours before it becomes too bitter.

Then using a fine mesh strainer, remove the orange slices and whole spices from your mulled wine. Give it a taste for sweetness, and add more to your or your guests’ liking.

Now that your mulled flugelberry wine is ready, serve it up in heatproof mugs and topped with garnishes of your choosing.

Queen Of Hearts

Once the festivities as slowed and crowds gone, a more elegant cocktail is called for when entertaining a smaller, more intimate group of guests. To my pleasant surprise there was already a beverage known in on Earth that seems too delicious to not mix up for a few close confidants, or to serve the guests of a royal coronation.

The sophistication of cocktail comes from the selected ratios of ingredients to create the exacting flavor you are looking for; but taste is individual and there are many imaginative additions and replacements one might indulge, this is the version we in Wonderland wish to impart to you.

Be warned—if you are asked which Heart Queen this drink pays homage to, answer carefully and do take into account the temperament of your royal patron. While a White Queen may not see herself in this drink, a Redd Queen with a black heart can easily be persuaded to believe she inspired this vibrant drinking experience.

The Queen of Hearts Drink
The Queen of Hearts


If you do not have a favored flavored vodka, then in a clean jar you may roughly smash some of your preferred berries (the Earth “cherry” or “blackberry are excellent choices). Add your desired amount of alcohol, seal well, and give a good shake, leaving your potion to steep for 30 minutes but preferably overnight.

While a pitcher might do for a large gathering of guests, for the smaller serving size of cocktails amongst your comrades one should prepare a cocktail shaker with ice or by leaving in the freezing box until very cold. If you do not possess such technology, two large metal cups can be used but beware of spilling your bright red beverage.

In your chilled cocktail shaker: add your wingelfruit juice, orange juice, berry vodka (strained if you have concocted your own), and squigberry liquor, or Campari in the recommended ratios. Seal your shaker and stir well, or shake if you wish to impress your guests as there is no ice at this point which can be melted and watered down.

In your rocks glass, or whichever cocktail glass or goblet suits your fancy, add crushed iced and let sit until the glass begins to feel chill. Depending on the warmth of your bar top, some of the ice may have sweat and added extra water to your cup so feel free to carefully pour it out before pouring your Queen of Hearts cocktails.

Pour your brilliantly red beverage over the crushed ice. Then squeeze a small wedge of lemon into the glass and briefly stir to mix, you may add the wedge as garnish along with any berries you might have left over from your previous cocktail adventures.

Serve immediately and enjoy!

Final Thoughts

Imagine that! We’ve made it through another dinner. Well done, my dears. If you have yet to pour yourself a drink during all this well that’s certainly one more lesson Chef Rouxby can pass on to you. Each of these fine libations can be brewed on moment’s notice and are sure to delight guests of any suit.

So, from the kitchens of Heart Castle to the hearths of your own home, I hope these inspired beverages find you in good spirits or at least help to raise them this season.

For More Wonderland Recipes Check Out:

The Royal Recipes of Wonderland: Baking Recipes You Won’t Believe

The Royal Recipes of Wonderland: Sweet Treat Edition

Meet The Author

Marco Arizpe

Marco Arizpe graduated from the University of Southern California and The American Film Institute with degrees in filmmaking and screenwriting. His brand of borderland gothic horror stems from his experiences growing up in a small town where Texas and Mexico meet. Culturally steeped in a rich history of all things terrifying, Marco never fails to bring forward indigenous folklore in contemporary and fresh settings.

The Graphic World of Wonderland – 8 Alice In Wonderland Comics You Need To See To Believe

Lewis Carroll’s writing prowess allowed him to craft Wonderland, a world whose very name conjures vivid imagery in the mind’s eye.  The unique realm was so singular in its appearance that the author had to invent a few words, and augment a few more, just to capture a fraction of his own creation (though of course the wise among you readers will know he was merely a conduit for the truth behind the fiction as told to him by Princess Alyss).

Many find words on a page to fail at conveying the full magic of Wonderland. Artists of every stripe use the template Carroll laid down to express themselves. Among the multitudes of media, Alice in Wonderland-inspired comics and graphic novels stand out as incredible adventures. Here is a collection of some of the most inventive reworkings and remixes of our favorite story not all in the Disney universe:

The HATTER M. Graphic Novel Series (Automatic Publishing)

The Hatter M Series
Hatter M. Graphic Novel Series

In classic fashion, one reimagining begets the next. Frank Beddor’s New York Times Bestseller The Looking Glass Wars left readers hungry for more Hatter Madigan—and Frank delivered. Illustrated by Ben Templesmith the graphic novel series catalogs the exploits of everyone’s favorite Milliner, Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan (The Mad Hatter), as he traverses our realm and beyond in search of the lost Princess Alyss Heart.

Templesmith’s iconic style brings Hatter to life as he rubs shoulders with some of history’s greats (meeting Jules Vern and Abe Lincoln among others). Following the glow of imagination is the guiding principle for Hatter, and his only hope of tracking down his lost liege. This “reimagining” of Alice in Wonderland is both identifiably Alice, and yet uniquely its own.


Alice Ever After

A grimy and harsh vision of Alice’s adventures on Earth, this graphic novel iteration of the Wonderland story presents an addiction-burdened Alice coping with a harsh London underworld as her obsession with the realm beyond the looking glass could be her respite or her ticket to the asylum.

Through the Victorian London fog, familiar faces re-emerge as the colorful crooks and naughty nobility of the mundane realm of Earth. Though the eyes of Alice both worlds start to bleed together like staring into the Pool of Tears after too much flugelberry wine.

If you have the nerve and interest in tales from the underbelly of society, then this tale of Alice through the gaslight and London fog might just give you some perspective on the true difference between that realm and our great Wondertropolis.


From Zenescope, the creators of the “Grimm’s Fairy Tales” universe, famed (or infamous) for its mature re-imaginings of classic fairy tale worlds as well as its buxom rendition of their heroines.

Here we see a familiar tale of an older Alice/Alyss, her mind and outlook on the world influenced by her childhood experiences in Wonderland only to return to the mad world once thought to be a mere fantasy.

Though not nearly as horror-genre oriented as the previous entry, this rendition does live up to its namesake with the very frank depictions of violence and other “adult themes” in the world of Wonderland.

WONDERLAND (SLG, 2006-2009)

Though the characters and kingdom are clearly inspired by Mr. Carroll’s stories, the “politics” of this comic series does hit close to home. As the White Rabbit and Mary Ann have to contend with a vengeful Queen (of the Redd variety) who suspects the pair of harboring sympathies for the absent Alice.

Fanciful but not lacking teeth, this comic book series offers a unique glance into the wondrous adventures of Wonderland’s residents both big and small, great and terrible.


Set in a bizarre boarding school, this graphic novel follows three young girls: Alice (Alyss), Wendy, and Dorothy meet years following their inter-dimensional travel to realms beyond mere Earth imagining. [Perhaps the Pool of Tears can lead to worlds that we in Wonderland have yet to fully imagine.]

The author Andy Weir is of The Martian fame, while the artist Sarah Andersen is the creator of the popular web-comic series Sarah’s Scribbles. With characters from the lands of Oz, of Neverland, and of course our own Wonderland, there is no shortage of madcap characters and adventures on every page.


From famed graphic novel scribe and possible wizard, Alan Moore, and illustrated by underground comix legend Melinda Gebbie; this tale of Alice’s adventures brings the familiar heroine in to the same “real world” Earth shared by Wendy of Neverland and Dorothy of Oz.

However, unlike the previous entry on this list, the creators of this (very) graphic novel had much more “adult adventures” in mind. While not something for younger audiences, there is a lot to be gained from this story as it conveys just how much these young women shaped the imaginations and personal lives of so many in such profoundly intimate ways.

It would be recommended that one reads this work with a full understanding of the creators’ intentions in light of the sometimes awkward, sometimes scandalous, and sometimes shocking nature of these human experiences.


Written by Landry Walker with art by Kieth Giffen & Bill Sienkiewicz as part of the greater Detective Comics Batman universe, the Joker’s Asylum series present individual tales of some of the Caped Crusader’s most infamous rogues.

This comic book details the origins of Batman’s Mad Hatter, a criminally minded man by the name of Jarvis Tetch who would be obsessed with an Alice of his own as well as bizarre millinery-based weapons and mind-controlling hats.

Perhaps what makes it most interesting is that we are very aware in the format of this story, all the information, all the tragedy, is being fed to us via the unreliable words of a madman whose dark imagination would make Queen Redd shudder in disgust.


Continuing deeper into the realm of Gotham City, we see Jarvis Tetch held within the infamous Arkham Asylum. While this Mad Hatter is most certainly a more vile personality than some of the other milliners seen in this list, he is but one card amongst a whole deck of disturbed versions of a familiar face.

Deeper still, the whole structure of this one-off graphic novel feels very much like the dreamy dive into the darker imaginations of Batman and his villains, a rabbit hole of the hero’s own. Not lacking in grit, the story takes familiar notes of Carroll’s original world, and twists them into a scenario only Batman could contend with.

What a weird and wonderful list of Wonderlands.  We have seen colorful panels paying homage to the original tale crafted by Lewis Carroll, and the evolution of that story as Earth writers and artists begin to imagine Alyss and Wonderland closer to their true selves.

Meet The Author

Marco Arizpe

Marco Arizpe graduated from the University of Southern California and The American Film Institute with degrees in filmmaking and screenwriting. His brand of borderland gothic horror stems from his experiences growing up in a small town where Texas and Mexico meet. Culturally steeped in a rich history of all things terrifying, Marco never fails to bring forward indigenous folklore in contemporary and fresh settings.

The Royal Recipes of Wonderland: Baking Recipes You Won’t Believe

Good day and good eating to you dear reader,

It is I, Chef Rouxby the royal chef de cuisine at the Heart Castle and your most competent author of this fine bit of cookery know-how. Having survived being a chef to the Heart Queens for many seasons, I wish to pass on my knowledge to all who wish to enchant their tastebuds with the finest food ever Imagined.

I have been informed that this time of year on Earth is when the peoples of your realm gather to feast and make merry, how delightful. Seeing how a multi-course feast might be out of reach for a chef outside the various royal estates in Wondertropolis, I have set out an ideal appetizer, entree, and classic desert to delight any taster you entertain this Thanksgiving or holiday season.


The first course, or “appetizer,” is a first impression to the rest of your seasonal feasts. Far and wide, from the fine streets of Wondertropolis to the rough-n-tumble Boarderlands, there are few beasties that fry up as well as dormice. Now those without proper instruction may just fry the dormice whole and season simply, but for feastivi-teas we should be inclined to bring our best.

For the classy guests of Heart Castle, and those you invite into your own homes this season, one should not have to deal with such small bones & burnt whiskers. So, this recipe shall take pre-ground dormice, or the local hen or hog of your homestead, to make a delightfully fried croquette that will indulge your guests’ desire for crispy goodness.


The Filling

The Breading

Crispy Croquettes of Dormouse
Crispy Croquettes of Dormouse


  1. Begin by boiling your potatoes and coarsely smash them, no need to be dainty about it, and set them aside to cool while you prepare the other ingredients you may need to the rest of your feast.
  2. Set a shallow pan over medium heat on your stove top. While that comes to heat, take your small onion, and dice it finely.
  3. In the hot pan, add your olive oil then allow to cover your pan’s surface and begin to “shimmer” like a mirror. Once suitably hot you may add your diced onions and stir regularly until the onions are translucent, you may add oil or butter if the pan begins to dry out.
  4. After your pre-cooked ingredients have cooled, in a large bowl mix the mashed potatoes, ground dormice, diced onion, and seasonings. If you have the palate for it, some ground  nut-of-meg and dry herbs like rosemary are popular in Earth realm cookery.
  5. Thoroughly mix your ingredients, but do not over mix as the texture will become tough. The final croquette filling should be workable into small “dumpling” sized shapes for frying but not too sticky to the touch. Shape your dormouse filling into small ovals not to dissimilar from a dormouse’s natural shape and set aside in your fridge-box until you are ready to fry.
  6. Now is the time to prepare your breading station. Clean hands make quick work, so do avoid breading yourself by keeping one hand focused on dry ingredients and the other on your wet ingredients. In separate bowls; stage your flour, breadcrumbs, and eggs (which have been whisked with a tiny splash of water), as well as a cookie sheet or similar to place your breaded dormice.
  7. First dust your dormice croquettes in flour, then egg wash, and finally into your breadcrumbs. Repeat the process until you’ve used up all your ground dormice mixture and prepare to fry.
  8. In a suitable heavy-bottomed pot or deep pan, fill the vessel halfway with the frying oil of your choice and allow to come up to a frying temperature. You can test for this with a wooden skewer or “chop stick” which will have bubbles form up around the tip when submerged in the hot oil. Now you are ready to fry these delightful dormice, dear reader!
  9. Carefully place a few “dormice” at a time in the oil with tongs or a similar utensil, flipping after 4 to 5 min, or until golden brown on all sides. It is best to have a plate lined with paper towels to place the freshly fried treats to dry out and be lightly salted immediately while hot.
  10. After the fried dormice have cooled enough to touch, roughly six or seven minutes, you can pierce the “bottom end” of your croquettes with toothpicks for ease-of-handling and to mimic the tails of the little morsels. Additionally, should you have the time & patience, an ambitious home cook may place sesame seeds to add eyes and a nose, completing the illusion!
Dormouse Decorated Croquette


Once all have settled around your table and the appetite is primed for the main course, you may stun your guests with an elegantly roast of tuttle-bird. In the lower parts of our fine community, a simple leg of tuttle-bird is common fair, but for this feastivi-tea we shall endeavor to prepare an entire roast. While this may seem a daunting task to you dear reader, rest assured that I shall guide you through this dish.


The Tuttle-Bird

Tuttle-Bird Ready to Roast


  1. Before getting started remember to preheat your oven to 450 F (232 C)
  2. Firstly, slice your lemon in half & deseed. Then slice your head of garlic in half along the middle, keeping the bulb together in two halves (top & bottom).
  3. In a saucepan, microwave, or heating-crystal array, melt your butter.
  4. On a cutting board (avoid wood as it is absorbent), pat your tuttle-bird dry to ensure the best crisping of the skin.
  5. With the breast facing up and legs pointing toward you, use a sharp knife to slice through loose area of skin connecting the leg and breast. Continue cutting downward until you hit the joint that connects the thigh to the body, then stop (once through the skin, there’s not much there; if you are cutting through flesh, you’re too close to the breast). This exposes the leg joint, making it easy to tell if your roast is cooked. Repeat on second side.
  6. Season every inch of your tuttle-bird, on the inside and out, under the wings and along the backbone. Do not be shy, the tuttle-bird sure isn’t.
  7. Place your tuttle-bird in a large, oven-safe skillet or sufficiently sized baking pan lined with aluminum foil. Arrange your lemon and garlic around the tuttle-bird.
  8. Pour that golden elixir called melted butter all over the bird and move it into the oven.
  9. Roast until the meat is nicely browned and cooked through, checking for doneness after 45 minutes. To check, carefully remove skillet from oven (the handle is hotter than the fury of Queen Redd—use caution!), poke a knife into leg joints, and pierce the meat.
  10. If juices run clear, the bird is done. If you see a rosy, pink color, it needs more time. Continue to roast, checking every 5 minutes, until juices run clear.
  11. Let the tuttle-bird rest in the skillet for 15 minutes before carving, this is the minimum weight time to avoid a bird so dry it will make you cry.
  12. Once properly rested, you may carve this roasted tuttle-bird for your esteemed guests and enjoy alongside the various fresh sides local to your realm.
Delicious Roast Tuttle-Bird


If there was ever a sweet treat more popular in Wonderland then I’ve certainly never heard of it; from afternoon tea to a Caterpillar’s bribe, there is no finer a pastry to be had at any time or place. For those of you in the know, there are as many tarty tarts as there are tasters with tastes all their own and what we have here is merely one variation of this fine foodstuff.

While variety is the cinnamon-minnamon of life, for the unrefined home cook (unlike myself), this basic tarty tart shall be your looking glass into a whole Wonderland of pastry. By changing your berries with the season, or temper of your guests, this classic & simple tarty tart can elevate your tea parties and keep your head on its’ shoulders.


The Crust

The Filling

Tart with Strawberries and Mint
Tart with Strawberries and Mint


  1. Whisk sugar, salt, and 1 cup flour in a medium bowl.
  2. Add butter and rub in with your fingers until mixture resembles coarse meal with a few pea-size pieces remaining.
  3. Drizzle egg over butter mixture and mix gently with a fork until dough just comes together.
  4. Turn out dough onto a lightly floured surface and knead until smooth (a few dry spots are okay). Form dough into a disk. Wrap in plastic and chill until firm, at least 2 hours.
  5. While your dough is resting dear readers, we shall be doing the opposite! In another bowl, gently mix your ricotta, eggs, and honey until you achieve an even mixture. Then add the vanilla, lemon zest, and salt, mixing for a final time.
  6. When you are ready to assemble your tarty tart, do remember to preheat your oven to 350 F (176 C) and flour a clean surface to roll out your tart dough.
  7. Roll out your dough with a well-floured rolling pin, if the dough cracks along its edges let it rest at room temp before attempting again.
  8. Line your tart tin or pan, trimming the excess off the edges, and pricking the bottom with a fork to prevent bubbling.
  9. The tart crust for this recipe should be “blind baked” for 10 to 15 minutes, keep your eye as oven heat can be fickle.
  10. After your par-baked tart crust has rested for a few minutes after the blind bake you may add the filling in an even layer and return to the oven for another 15 minutes, or until the custard has set.
  11. Once the tarty tart has completely cooled (patience is a chef’s best tool in the kitchen), you can add a thin layer of flugelberry jam, or any fruit preserve in your realm that is tart and colorful.
Delicious Tart with Fruit Preserve Topping
Delicious Tart with Fruit Preserve Topping


Well dear readers, it is quite a testament to your skill & patience in the kitchen if you have made it this far in my recipe book. There is a lot of work involved in creating a feast that will keep your head on your shoulders, but is well worth the effort.

As much as it pains me to admit, these recipes are not written in stone and you are free to use your Imagination & know-how to adjust these recipes to your realm and tastes.

And do remember dear readers, that with the right imagination any meal is one worth celebrating.

For Other Wonderland Recipes Visit Our Sweet Treat Edition

Meet The Author

Marco Arizpe

Marco Arizpe graduated from the University of Southern California and The American Film Institute with degrees in filmmaking and screenwriting. His brand of borderland gothic horror stems from his experiences growing up in a small town where Texas and Mexico meet. Culturally steeped in a rich history of all things terrifying, Marco never fails to bring forward indigenous folklore in contemporary and fresh settings.

The Royal Recipes of Wonderland: Sweet Treat Edition

Good day and good eating to you dear reader, it is I, Chef Rouxby, the royal chef de cuisine at the Heart Palace and your most competent author of this fine bit of cookery know-how. Having survived being a chef to the Heart Queens through several reigns, it seems only sensible to write down these delightful easy, Wonderland recipes while they are still in my head.


Variety is the cinnamon-minnamon of life, and for a holiday as wonderfully dark as the Earth realm’s Halloween, I have deemed these three recipes worthy of passing on through the looking glass to you the reader.

While I understand that the common Earth “home chef” is not given a royal stipend for ingredients, equipment, and servants, the following recipes have been chosen for their relative ease and appeal to all.

I shall introduce you dear reader to some of the creative confections found in Wonderland that an Earth baker could whip up without slipping through the Continuum. Considering this is a holiday season where children can dress up, even as this “Alice in Wonderland” that supposedly exists there. Though I resent the idea that any of my goodies would shrink or grow Queen Alyss.

Beginning with the peculiarly named “Jabberwocky Eyes,” a simply delightful treat with a dreadful name. Then there is my no-bake Choco-Tarty Tart that are perfect for a last-minute request from Queen or Cat. And finally, we shall dive into the more complex world of sugar with an easy-to-follow recipe for Looking Glass Lollipops.

Now collect your utensils, gather your spirits, and prepare to enter a kitchen full of creativity!


While I certainly cannot tell you what a real Jabberwocky eye might taste like—unlike the tribes of Boarderland would be able to—I can with all enthusiasm suggest that you try these delicious and easily prepared treats. Rest assured no Jabberwocky need be injured—but those with nut allergies need beware.

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Jabberwocky Eyes
Chocolate and Peanut Butter Jabberwocky Eyes


Chocolate and Peanut Butter Jabberwocky Eyes
Chocolate and Peanut Butter Jabberwocky Eyes

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Beat the peanut butter, unsalted butter, and vanilla together in a large bowl until light and fluffy. Then add in 4 cups of the sifted confectioners’ sugar and mix until dough is stiff, firm, and dry with no lumps (may the Queen have mercy on you if there are lumps). You may add more sugar as necessary to achieve a workable dough.
  2. Roll the dough into sixty 1-inch balls and place on wax paper lined cookie sheets, feel free to make the eyes as giant as the real thing but many might have trouble chewing such large “eye.”
  3. Then press a toothpick into the top of each ball for handling and chill in the freezer section of your chill-box-refrigerator contraption until firm, about 30 minutes.
  4. While the dough chills, place your choco-nibbles into a double boiler, made by placing a heat-safe bowl set over a pot of barely simmering water. Stir frequently until melted and smooth.
  5. Hold the toothpicks and dip frozen peanut butter balls into the melted chocolate, leaving a small “iris” of peanut butter showing at the top for the ghoulish effect. Return to the cookie sheet, remove and discard the toothpicks, and refrigerate until ready to serve.


This classic Wonderlandian treat elevates the humble Tarty-Tart without draining the clock. I can personally attest that this “no-bake” timesaver might help you keep your head if serving a Redd Queen with a black heart. (For transparency—I will add that several of my staff did lose their tongues during the reign of Her Imperial Viciousness, but I assure you this was for infractions made in the preparation of other dishes.)

No-Bake Mini Choco Tarty-Tarts
No-Bake Mini Choco Tarty-Tarts


Chocolate Tarty-Tart filling
Chocolate Tarty-Tart filling

Step-By-Step Instructions:

  1. Lightly grease 6 mini tart pans, or a large muffin/cupcake pan. Then, in a medium-sized bowl, combine the cookie crumbs and the melted coconut oil until thoroughly combined.
  2. Portion the mixture between the 6 mini tart pans and press into the bottom and sides to form and even crust. If using a muffin tin, portion appropriately but there may be leftovers.
  3. Cover and set in the freezer for 30 minutes to set.
  4. Place the chopped chocolate in a medium-sized bowl and set aside.
  5. Bring the cream to a simmer in a small saucepan over medium-high heat, be careful not to scald your dairy and stir occasionally. Once simmering, pour the cream over the chopped chocolate and let it sit for 2 minutes untouched.
  6. Gently whisk the cream and chocolate together until smooth. Add the butter in slices and continue slowly stirring until melted and combined with the chocolate mixture.
  7. Pour the chocolate mixture into the chilled tart shells, and use an offset spatula to spread the chocolate into an even layer. Place in your “fridge” to chill for a minimum of 2 hours, and up to 2 days.
  8. Serve with fresh flugelberries (or similar substitutes—perhaps a “Razz-berry” as I’ve heard they are quite agreeable even to those of us with finer palates), powdered sugar, or whipped cream.


Here is where things could get messy, and I would not consider it an offense should you skip this recipe until you feel as confident as Queen Crumpet in the kitchen. Sugar can be dangerous, be warned my dear readers!

Though Looking Glass Lollipops cannot mimic the true magic of a mirror—they can indeed generate a sense of whimsy in your kitchen. Though you didn’t hear it from me, Jack of Diamonds can credit at least some of his well-endowed posterior to a deep love of these sweetly colourful treats, even if the writer Lewis Carroll forgets them in his rendition of Tea Time!

Looking Glass Lollipops, Credit to Confetti & Bliss
Looking Glass Lollipops, Credit to Confetti & Bliss


House of Hearts Lollipop
House of Hearts Lollipops

Step-By-Step Instructions:

It’s important to have everything set out and ready to go before you begin this recipe. As without a cook’s crystal to monitor things, once the hard-candy mixture reaches the hard crack stage, you have to act quickly to form and decorate the lollipops before they harden. Read and heed the instructions below for good success.

  1. Create an ice-water bath for the pot you will be making your sugar mixture. You can use the small portion of your kitchen sink or a heat-resistant bowl filled with ice cubes and water. You will also need a heat-resistant glass measuring cup with a pouring spout. Set out your measuring spoons and desired flavoring. Pull out two or three large baking trays and line them with silicone baking mats or parchment paper.
  2. Place your lollipop sticks right next to the silicone mats or parchment paper, take the lids off your gel food coloring so they’re ready to use, and set out several toothpicks as you’ll need a separate one for each color. You can also use the spare lollipop sticks for making the swirls.
  3. Begin by adding three cups of granulated sugar to your clean dry pot. Add in the cold water using this important royal technique: slowly rotate the pot 360 degrees as you pour the water tightly along the interior wall of the pot. This is to ensure that no sugar granules stick to the inside walls of the pot where they will harden and crystalize, but not nearly as useful as the ones in Wonderland. When making lollipops you want a nice clear syrup.
  4. Pour the light corn syrup in the center of the pot, allowing it to spread to the edges and meet the water. Let these three ingredients sit in the pot for 12-15 minutes so the liquids can completely soak down into the sugar. With a clean finger, briefly stir the ingredients to make sure everything is well combined.
  5. The hard-crack stage for making lollipops is 305 F. Place the pot over medium heat. DO NOT STIR the sugar mixture as it cooks. The mixture will gradually start to boil. As the liquid evaporates the bubbling will get pretty lively, do not worry dear readers. Use a candy thermometer to track the temperature of the mixture. Once it reaches 305 F, it’s at the perfect “hard crack stage” that’s needed for making lollipops.
  6. The very moment the candy thermometer displays 305 F, remove the pan from heat. Immediately add in the flavoring and swirl the pot back and forth to mix it in. Right away stick the pot in the ice-water bath for 15-18 seconds to stop the temperature of the sugar mixture from rising.
  7. If the temperature rises above the “hard crack stage” it will turn yellow or amber color and will start to caramelize. We want our lollipops to be stained glass clear so we can add in those beautiful colorful swirls.
  8. Remove the hot pan from the ice bath, taking care not to get any water inside the pan. Immediately pour the sugar mixture into an oven-safe glass measuring cup.
  9. To form the lollipops, CAREFULLY pour the scalding hot liquid sugar directly onto your silicone mats or parchment paper. I suggest pouring only two lollipops at a time because they harden up fast! These are free-form candies so you don’t need molds for this recipe.
  10. Immediately place a few drops of gel food coloring onto the first lollipop and use toothpicks or spare lollipop sticks to quickly swirl around the food coloring in a colorful design.
  11. Quickly place the lollipop stick into the lollipop about halfway up and rotate the stick 360 degrees. Place another dollop or two of hot syrup over the embedded lollipop stick just to give it some added stability.
  12. Once cool, remove and enjoy! Wrap in wax paper, if you will be serving to little lords and ladies from noble houses. (An ambitious chef might shape their lollipops into the royal symbols of Hearts, Spades, Clubs, and Diamonds for added effect.)
Looking Glass Lollipops ready for Halloween
Looking Glass Lollipops ready for Halloween

Dearest readers I do hope you have found these recipes stimulating to your appetite and add your own inventive twists to these tasty treats. The wonderous world of flavor is out there for you to explore and share with those who still have tongues to appreciate such things.

Never forget that Imagination is the finest spice, and the essence of all things good. Imbue your cooking with the all the light (or dark) creativity you possess and never fear a failed experiment.

Now I simply MUST get back to the rest of this cook-book before my own saucy opinions get me in trouble.

Meet the Author

Marco Arizpe

Marco Arizpe graduated from the University of Southern California and The American Film Institute with degrees in filmmaking and screenwriting. His brand of borderland gothic horror stems from his experiences growing up in a small town where Texas and Mexico meet. Culturally steeped in a rich history of all things terrifying, Marco never fails to bring forward indigenous folklore in contemporary and fresh settings.

All Things Alice/Alyss: The Darkness in Wonderland

Seasons greetings & creepy dreamings to you from the shady side of Wondertropolis. Against his better judgement Frank has allowed me to once more correspond with all you to bring forth further creepiness for your consumption.

It seems the darkly imaginative amongst you continue to have a morbid interest in the eerie and disturbed visions of Alice in Wonderland. So, for your dark delight the dark thinkers of Wonderland have provided a listing of creepy collectables for your cabinet of curiosities.

The long shadow of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has provided ample material for creators across the Continuum to commit their mad vision of Wonderland in physical form; seems no matter where one goes through the looking glass, people insist on carving scary things into clay or crystal alike.

Now do read on and see what delights your dark imaginations…


First up for your viewing delight is a wonderfully grim vision of Alice in Wonderland’s characters through the eye of photographer Tara Mapes. The artist took the world as presented by that author Lewis Carroll, and reinterpreted Alice, the Queen of Hearts, the Cheshire Cat, the Rabbit, and Mad Hatter of Wonderland in a macabre fashion one might expect to see of the “shadow people” that inhabit the realm of lucid dreams & sleep paralysis.

I admit however, it is not hard to see the stylings of Queen Redd or even the meaner of Milliners in this body of work. Whether it is together, or in their solo photographs, the various characters of Alice in Wonderland shine through with a darkly gothic flair that makes fine use of eerie masks and painful-looking jewelry that emphasizes some of the key traits of these beloved maniacs.

The Mad Tea Party as created by Tara Mapes
The Mad Tea Party as created by Tara Mapes

The dark allure of this photo collection does remind this one of the cover art used by those famed “metal bands” of Earth that shout their dark imaginings to all who will hear them. If any of these grim details entice your imagination, this one does recommend you take a peek through your looking glass at Mapes’ lucid dreaming of Alice in Wonderland.


Next in line are a series of miniature sculptures from famed toy-makers at Mezco; figurines I’m told, that depict some notable faces of Wonderland in quite the nasty light. Grimy is the word of the day and most certainly in the best of ways as the usual culprits of Wonderland’s “action” are given gruesome detail by these dark toy-makers. One of the most popular items in this collection by Mezco is of course, that Mad Hatter with his tea-time tools and looking like he has been indulging in the jabberwocky blood.

The Mad Hatter Figurine by Mezco Scary Tales
The Mad Hatter Figurine by Mezco Scary Tales

Though this one is most certain that Queen Alyss would make a face as harsh as the Chessboard Desert if she ever saw how the Mezco toy-makers indulged their “creative liberties” but what can you expect from such dark thinkers. The “White Rabbit” is rendered equally mad, looking more like a feral beast of the Boarderlands than any scholar (I am quite sure Royal tutor Bibwit Harte would not find this in any shape or form reflective of himself… and would take all day to expound on 1001 reasons why). Depending on who you ask, these colorful figurines may just show you Wonderland with its notable figures expressing their darker selves.

The White Rabbit Figurine by Mezco Scary Tales
The White Rabbit Figurine by Mezco Scary Tales

So if you have room on your shelves, this one would recommend trying to uncover one of these fiendish figurines of your favorite Alice in Wonderland characters. Just be sure to hide them when the Guardsmen come looking for all sorts of dark contraband you may or may not be holding onto for a friend.


If you are in the market for a more subtle shadow on your bookshelf, then this most novel take on Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland paired along with the delightfully deranged illustrations of one Ralph Steadman, could be just the thing for your creepy collection.

If that name rings a dark bell in your memory, then perhaps you might best know Steadman as the illustrator who lent his brush to the gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson. The energetic, almost manic, style of the illustrations, as well as Steadman’s own dry sense of humor bring a 1960s-70s wildness to the familiar words of the Wonderland novels.

The Mad Hatter drawn by Ralph Steadman
The Mad Hatter drawn by Ralph Steadman

Steadman would take his inks to the pages of the Alice in Wonderland series and reintroduce us dark thinkers to an anarchic and erratic world that perhaps commented more on the rulers of his realm than those in power here. The “White Rabbit” is a modern commuter, the “Tweedle Dee & Tweedle Dumb” are nonsensical bankers, and as Steadman’s illustrations take the reader through the looking glass we are presented with a harsh new Wonderland of “hippies” and new age romantics set against the unforgiving chessboard backgrounds.

We dark thinkers are quite fond of this version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland & Alice Through the Looking Glass as they present the skewed vision of Wonderland further darkened by the elegantly mad art of Steadman. Why an unknowing reader might pick up these familiar looking books, only to open their pages and be treated to a grimly beautiful vision of Wonderland in all the shades of black-and-white one could desire.


Finally on our dreadful list is a wondrously scary vision of the young Alice in Wonderland and all the frightening choices she must make along the way in this interactive, choose-your-own-adventure gamebook that puts the reader in Alice’s growing & shrinking shoes. Set several years after the events of Lewis Carroll’s novels in Wonderland, the author Jonathan Green revisits the realm beyond the looking glass to find it more deranged than ever. It is up to YOU to decide what risks Alice will take, which of the strange Wonderland denizens to fight, and ultimately whether or not the poor girl will escape the nightmare darkening the realm.

Though if that proves a stretch too stressful for your liking, then you can add a touch of your own brightness to the story with the Alice’s Nightmare in Wonderland coloring book. Here the alternative history of Wonderland is highlighted by the intense illustrations Kev Crossley of 2000AD and Warhammer 40K fame. There are several of these coloring books that one can acquire and reintroduce a bit of child-like darkness into their time.

The Cover of "Alice's Nightmare In Wonderland" by Jonathan Green
The Cover of “Alice’s Nightmare In Wonderland” by Jonathan Green


Our little society of dark imaginers hope that you have found this creepy list of all things Alice in Wonderland, and perhaps you’ll find some of them in your own collections. It brings us much joy to see how the seasonal mood of Earth brings all sorts of dark delights from the imaginations of such talented makers and monsters.

If you enjoyed this taste of the spooky and strange, do show your support of society’s darker imaginings and come back for more. Always remember that you need black to complement the white, and if the Watchers catch you with this list, well you didn’t get it from us.

If you enjoyed this taste of the spooky and strange, do show your support of society’s darker imaginings and come back for more. Always remember that you need dar to complement the white, and if the Watchers catch you with this list, well you didn’t get it from us.

Meet The Author

Marco Arizpe

Marco Arizpe graduated from the University of Southern California and The American Film Institute with degrees in filmmaking and screenwriting. His brand of borderland gothic horror stems from his experiences growing up in a small town where Texas and Mexico meet. Culturally steeped in a rich history of all things terrifying, Marco never fails to bring forward indigenous folklore in contemporary and fresh settings.

Five Frightening Wonderlands To Watch This Halloween

Seasons greetings & dark dreamings to you from the shady side of Wondertropolis.

Though I have been pressured to reveal myself by the powers that be, I will choose to conceal my identity for the time being. Rest assured I would not want to sully your reputation, good reader, by putting my name on your tongue.

As I understand, the people of Earth enjoy watching the dark imaginings of their fellow humans called “horror films,” particularly in the autumn. It seems that across the Continuum, there are those who justly support your right to express the shadowy side of your imagination for all to see.

So, in the spirit of the Earth season, select dark thinkers have helped me provide a lovely listing of blackly comic and heart-wrenching horror films for your curiosity and enjoyment this spooky season. My thanks to Frank for publishing this creepy collection– I suppose for an Alyssian, he isn’t so bad.

With each film on the list presenting their own darkly twisted visions of Alice in Wonderland inspired by Lewis Caroll’s imaginative books, one must wonder just what Alyss was getting up to beyond the looking glass…

Keep an open mind and grab some “popped corn” as we peer through the looking glass into a selection of frightening Wonderlands to watch.

Malice in Wonderland (2009)

Starting off our tour of scary Alice in Wonderland film series is a cheeky vision of Lewis Carroll’s tale fused with the energy & criminal wackiness you might expect in a Guy Ritchie movie. Watch as an amnesiac Alice goes down the rabbit hole of a quirky & violent criminal underworld of a Wonderland hidden within London in this mad film by director Simon Fellows.

Though not a film for viewers of all ages, one can’t help but be amused at the film’s campy rendition of the King/Queen of Hearts as one and the same. If you can take a walk on the wild side without too many expectations, Malice in Wonderland is a fun first watch for those with black imaginations.

Alice in Murderland (2010)

In all honesty, these next two movies make me think the filmmakers were graduates of the Benevolent Home for Lost Girls (high praise to the director Dennis Devine).  In Alice in Murderland, we shift from shocks to schlock as axe murders and an awkwardly themed Alice in Wonderland sorority party will make you reach for the nearest goblet of jabberwocky blood.

There is little mystery to be solved, and a clear “adult” motive to the casting & costuming in this particular Wonderland to such a degree that I can’t help but laugh. Perhaps this is a tea party best enjoyed by a few mad friends who appreciate a bad joke, as the ridiculous violence and premise are sure to delight those with a tweedled sense of humor.

Alice – The Darker Side of the Mirror (2016)

Bouncing back from schlock but not completely, we have The Darker Side of the Mirror directed by Zach Hamer. Presenting the Lewis Carroll story through the lens of turn-of-the-century America as its setting, this film touches on heavier topics with a more serious tone. The setting allows many of Earth’s troubling habits such as addiction and mental health mistreatment in a way that many interpretations of the characters of Alice in Wonderland lack.

However, this is offset by the grandiose theatre troupe performances of the residents of Wonderland present a bit cartoonish in the quiet Pacific Northwest setting. On the other hat, the grand scope of the history & locations is ambitious and manages to get across the idea of a darkly mad world.

Alice [Něco z Alenky] (1988)

If you find the previous films far to tame and desire a Wonderland that is darkly imaginative and visually fantastic, then you have made it to the deepest end of the rabbit hole. The next entry is directed by Jan Švankmajer titled simply: Alice.

Following closer to the events as insisted upon by Lewis Caroll in his Alice in Wonderland, this vision of Alyss childhood adventure frighteningly charming as “kid’s movies” of previous generations tend to be. Using a mix of stop-motion animation and in-camera special effects to bring the perspective of a young child to life, Alice feels more like scary dream from childhood than a children’s story (as it should be).

The fusion of toys and everyday household object to create the familiar faces & characters of Alice in Wonderland never ceases to amaze and unnerve. The “Alice” of this tale herself “transforms” into a doll when shrinking down, making her truly a part of Wonderland as she crawls through desks and doors searching for that white rabbit.

The madcap adventure is capped by the black humor of the young “Alice” of this tale considering taking up the habit of beheading, perhaps as a little hint of what will become of that child’s dark imagination.

Red Kingdom Rising (2014)

If you’ve made it this deep in the list then perhaps you do have a taste for the dark imaginings that Alyss’ adventures have inspired. Assuming you have an appreciation for the black & bleak, this next Wonderland is perhaps the darkest offering we have available. (I dare say, it almost approaches the terror levels that Her Imperial Viciousness Queen Redd inspires).

Not a tale for the faint of heart, Red Kingdom Rising (directed by Navin Dev) dives into the darker drama of life on Earth but begins to blur the border between dreams and the waking world. Here we see a version of the story Alyss told Lewis Carroll through the lens of psychological revelation of trauma. Proceed with caution when you witness a truly black imagination at work.

The fusion of “Alice” and the smiling Cat is a fun, although obvious, portrayal of the character and her inner child still trapped in the Wonderland of her abusive past. In dealing with the grim setting and tone, the cast of this particular Wonderland perform a bit stiffly but are not afraid to really commit to the madness when the narrative flows between dreams and supposed reality.


I hope you will enjoy watching these darker visions of Alice in Wonderland, it is always a joy to see the various shadows from such vivid imaginations on the others side of the Continuum. It seems at any time in history you can find the darkest parts of Wonderland alive and well in the imaginations of many. Strange we don’t see more of Hatter Madigan don’t you agree?

If you enjoyed this taste of the spooky and strange, do show your support of society’s darker imaginings and come back for more. Always remember that you need dark to complement the light… and if the Watchers catch you with this list, well you didn’t get it from me!

Meet The Author

Marco Arizpe

Marco Arizpe graduated from the University of Southern California and The American Film Institute with degrees in filmmaking and screenwriting. His brand of borderland gothic horror stems from his experiences growing up in a small town where Texas and Mexico meet. Culturally steeped in a rich history of all things terrifying, Marco never fails to bring forward indigenous folklore in contemporary and fresh settings.