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You may have noticed that the Looking Glass Wars and Hatter M have been missing from the world stage for some time now.  While the Looking Glass Wars trilogy was completed in 2010, the Hatter M quest continued with the promise of Volume 4, The Zen of Wonder.  The research and tracking of Hatter’s Zen adventures took me far from my home in Los Angeles to a secluded monastery on a mountaintop in Japan.  After much writing and contemplation, I have recently returned with the completed 4th volume and am happy to announce that it is ready for publication. I have also brought with me a friend I call ‘Zen Kitty’.  Zen Kitty enjoys travel and mingling so I have been taking her with me wherever I go. I owe Zen Kitty a great debt for her help with uncovering Hatter M’s path through Japan. I will soon be sharing photos of Zen Kitty on my Twitter account so if you are curious about my unusual traveling companion please follow me at https://twitter.com/frankbeddor.

This is my first communiqué since returning but I plan to be sharing much of what is happening with both series with regard to film and television, the Hatter M Institute for Paranormal Travel as well as all things Alyss.
Life goes on and the world turns, but rest assured there will always be a merry group of seekers tracking the true story of Alyss of Wonderland and her loyal bodyguard, Hatter M.

I will sign off with one of the insights I gained while at the monastery,

Go with the Flow of the Glow,

Zen is to have the heart and soul of a little child.