You Won’t Believe How Cool These 2022 Alice in Wonderland Gifts Are

Holiday shopping is an annual source of anxiety and stress for me. Is it because I leave the shopping for the last second? Probably. Or, is it due to the fact that the people I know just buy the things they want when they want them, making finding something for them even more difficult? They both contribute equally. I’m assuming if you’re reading this list you’re just like me.

Worry not, for I scoured the net to find the perfect gifts for you to get your Alice-obsessed loved ones this holiday season instead of searching for gifts for my loved ones. On top of having the perfect items for the Alice in Wonderland themed gift, I will also have the Looking Glass Wars equivalent (or better) gift for you to consider as well.


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prints

An important thing about being a fan of something is making sure all those who are around you are aware of your fandom. You might have a Cheshire Cat t-shirt and a dormouse teapot but have you ever thought to yourself, “What about my walls?” Well, these awesome prints are a fantastic way to spice up your house, apartment, and or shrine to all things Alice and would be the perfect gift for any Alice in Wonderland fan.

Looking Glass Wars Prints

Maybe you want something a bit different than just a mainstream Alice print. Perhaps you’re looking for something different. Or, perchance, you have been enlightened by the true story of princess Alyss & the Red Queen. You know that the Mad Hatter’s real name is Hatter Madigan, you know the power of white imagination. You are aware that Lewis Carrol got it all wrong and you need everyone to know it. These beautiful prints are the perfect way to show that you or a loved one, knows the true story of Wonderland.

The Looking Glass Wars Art Bundle
The Looking Glass Wars Art Bundle

Autographed Looking Glass Wars Poster and Print

Look, I get it, if you’re reading this, it probably means you or the Alice fan you’re shopping for already have all the standard issue prints available. If that’s the case, I’ve got the just thing for you. These limited-quantity Hatter M. and Hatter Madigan prints are signed by the artists who designed them. The Hatter M. poster is signed by comic book artist, Ben Templesmith. Who, along with doing the Hatter M. series, was the artist for the Dead Space comics as well as the Silent Hill comics.

The Hatter Madigan print is signed by Doug Chiang, the artist responsible for so many amazing concepts, from working on Terminator 2: Judgement Day, to Forrest Gump, to being the design director of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace and Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones.

Hatter M poster signed by Doug Chiang


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland First Edition

They say it’s the thought that really counts when it comes to a good gift. While this may be true, there is no replacement for a really high price tag. There is no better way to say “I love you.” Then spending, at a minimum, $8,000. If you have the means, this is the penultimate gift for an Alice super fan that will stop the White Rabbit in it’s tracks.

With its beautiful red cover and a gold filigree Alice on the cover this will be the showstopper gift that keeps on giving as it will only appreciate in value if kept in a good condition. If you don’t have this kind of money to throw around or maybe just don’t love the person as much as you claim to, haha. Either way, I found a reasonably priced equivalent so that the Pool of Tears are from tears of joy.

The Hatter M Graphic Novel Paperback Bundle!

Why buy one old book for $8,000 when you could buy six for $120!? The Hatter M. Graphic Novel Paperback Bundle comes with all six Hatter M. graphic novels! If that isn’t enough to sway you, compare this to the first addition Alices Adventures in Wonderland. Is the first edition Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in color? No, but the Hatter M. series is. Does the first edition Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland have that new book smell? Of course not, well the Hatter M. bundle will have that tantalizing scent sixfold!

What are the storage requirements for the Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland first edition? I’ll tell you, a humidity-controlled safe. With the Hatter M. bundle, the storage requirements are only a bookshelf with enough space. No bookshelf? No problem. Put them on a coffee table, a desk, anywhere! It’s really a no-brainer what the better gift is. Before you even ask it, yes the books are fantastic. If I were you I’d also throw in the Looking Glass Wars trilogy. You’re going to need to know the backstory. Speaking of the backstory, the next gift will help out with that…

Seeing Redd ARC (advance readers copy) Publisher letter, deck of cards, & manuscript Signed By Frank Beddor

I like to think of this as a perfect hybrid of a first edition Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and the Hatter M. paperback bundle. It has the scarcity and collectability of the first edition book with an exceptionally more reasonable price tag. I think this would be the perfect gift for an Alice fan. It has the perfect ratio of “thought” which we all know is what counts, to price to be a penultimate gift for an Alice in Wonderland/Looking Glass Wars fan.

On top of coming with the advance readers copy of Seeing Redd, this has a publisher letter, a Looking Glass Wars Seeing Redd-themed deck of cards and, is hand signed by the author Frank Beddor. This is the true showstopper gift—but there are only two available!

Seeing Redd ARC (advance readers copy) Publisher letter, deck of cards, & manuscript (signed by Frank Beddor)
Seeing Redd ARC (advance readers copy) Publisher letter, deck of cards, & manuscript (signed by Frank Beddor)


Rare Sheet of Alice/Alyss Stamps

As a collector in general, when I see the word rare I instantly get excited. I don’t even collect stamps and I want these. The art on the stamp is of Princess Alyss on her birthday from the beginning of the Looking Glass Wars. Alternatively, if you enjoy the chapter of the lost Heart Princess’ life on earth, check out the Orphan Alyss Stamps.

Limited edition sheet of 16 U.K. Card Soldier stickers

Before I started working with Frank Beddor, I knew his work. To really tell you this story, I’m going to take you all back on a trip with me fifteen years ago. I’m ten, it’s a chilly autumn day, as per usual, I don’t want to be at school. But wait, today is different, something magical is here, it’s the scholastic book fair, I walk in and I’m greeted with books galore, one book sticks out to me.

The cover art reminds me of a battle droid from Star Wars the Phantom Menace, you know, the ones that go, “Roger roger.” Except it’s holding some kind of spear. I’m talking of course about the playing card soldier that is on the front cover of The Looking Glass Wars. If you or a loved one loved the cover art anywhere near as much as I did, then this is the perfect gift.

Looking Glass Wars sticker collection 2
The Looking Glass Wars Sticker Bundle

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