Hatter m Hardcover bundle

Get a Bundle of all 5 Hardcover Hatter M Graphic Novels, plus a paperback copy of Seeking Wonder for free!

Includes Hatter’s entire quest:

Hatter M: Vol 1 – Far From Wonder
Hatter M: Vol 2 – Mad With Wonder
Hatter M: Vol 3 – Nature of Wonder
Hatter M: Vol 4 – Zen of Wonder
Hatter M: Vol 5 – Love of Wonder
Hatter M: Seeking Wonder

Limited Supply

Hatter M, Vol 4 – Zen Of Wonder Alt. Cover Signed By Bill Sienkiewicz

Limited Run Collector’s Item, signed by artist Bill Sienkiewicz.  In Vol. 4, Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan’s search takes an unexpected detour when he travels ‘within’ guided by a mischievous and often maddening young girl named Nekko. Nekko’s origin is a Zen mystery, but her devotion to Hatter’s quest to find the lost Princess is unwavering. After Nekko kidnaps his Hat and leads him on a fearless chase across the rooftops of 1871 San Francisco, Hatter must acknowledge her as a teacher. It is written that when you are ready the teacher will appear, but if the teacher is a 12-year-old girl and you are a High Ranking Bladesman you may discover that all you can do is laugh.

Hatter and Nekko’s adventure around the ring of fire begins when they track a stolen samurai sword with a Wonderland connection to San Francisco’s styling 19th century hiphop crime madam Missy Tong and her eager protégé, the outspoken Lil’ Dick. A stowaway trip aboard a shanghai sailing ship ends on the Hawaiian Islands where a surfboard becomes Hatter’s vehicle to illumination. And then on to Japan! Good grief it’s Chikao and the gang, schoolhouse demons, cosplay, manga, noodles and a long-lost brother from another world. Duality? No. Milliners.”

Hatter M. Paperback Bundle (6 Books)

Hatter M. Volume 1 Poster (Signed by Ben Templesmith)

A Limited Run Collector’s Item featuring the Hatter M. Volume 1 cover art signed by author Frank Beddor and Illustrator Ben Templesmith.

The Looking Glass Wars Art Print Bundle

Collect these iconic art prints of The Looking Glass Wars main characters in this buy 2 get 1 free bundle. Includes the 11×17 prints of “Watercolor Painting of Hatter Madigan”, “Warrior Queen Alyss”, and “The Red Queen, Redd Heart”.

The Looking Glass Wars Novel (Paperback) and Soundtrack CD

The Looking Glass Wars Sticker Collection

Take The Looking Glass Wars anywhere you go with these collectable stickers. Card Soldiers, Queen Redd, and more!

The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy (3 Paperback Novels)

The Looking Glass Wars: Crossfire and The Looking Glass Wars: Underfire Paperback Bundle

How does Alyss Heart of Wonderland fare after the creation of Everqueen, as described in Arch Enemy, the third volume of the best-selling Looking Glass Wars trilogy? With difficulty. Fending off political assaults from rival suit families, struggling to maintain diplomatic relations with the tribes of Boarderland, Alyss is more vulnerable than ever before. Can Ovid Grey stack the deck in Wonderland’s favor and deal himself the perfect hand to win this war? Or will Alyss’s new House of Cards topple under the relentless assault of the evil Fish People of Unterlan who wish to end her reign? Find out in this exciting graphic novel bundle!