Hatter Madigan Art Print Signed by artist Doug Chiang

Only 9 Available! Enjoy an exclusive art print of Hatter Madigan in action as he deploys his famous blades. Signed by artist Doug Chiang. (size: 8″ x 8.5″)

Love of Wonder

Hatter M fifth and final volume! Looking glasses shatter as heroes and villains from Wonderland arrive to aid or block Hatter in his quest to find Alyss. Hatter’s reunion with his brother Dalton leads to an epic showdown as savior meets assassin in the struggle to control Wonderland’s future.

The Looking Glass Wars Art Print Bundle

Collect these iconic art prints of The Looking Glass Wars main characters in this buy 2 get 1 free bundle. Includes the 11×17 prints of “Watercolor Painting of Hatter Madigan”, “Warrior Queen Alyss”, and “The Red Queen, Redd Heart”.

Watercolor painting of Hatter Madigan.

An 11×17 print of Bill Sienkiewicz’s watercolor painting of Hatter Madigan.