Recollections of a Cosplay Queen


                                                                  Recollections of a Cosplay Queen                                        

    Praise the QueenBow Down Bitches

My Travels from Wonderland
by ZiggZaggerz

The Queen of Clubs is Queen of Intuition. My dominion does not conflict with My Lady Redd, Queen of Hearts. Her dominion is Imagination. When we convene her Imagination creates a wondrous world that my Intuition guides us through.

Redd keepin it together

Sworn to an uneasy truce by author Frank Beddor, we traveled together with Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan, Warrior Queen Alyss and her beloved, Portal Runner Dodge Anders through the Pool of Tears to the grey world and a realm called NewYawkCity.

sworn to secrecy   frank and queenie

Observe the Stitchmaster, creator of our magnificent costuming. There is a magic the Stitchmaster infuses his garments with that I fail to comprehend. Even with all of my Intuition. Warrior Queen Alyss glowed in her signature pure white. She radiates a purity that is undeniable. The secret is the costumes. There’s a magic in them. Those who wear the costumes can channel the spirits of the life forms they are portraying. The costume summons them. The cosplayer has to be aligned with the spirit of the character in order to embody it completely and be a vehicle for its self expression.

chadchad red hair

When the StitchMaster, ZiggZaggerz, Sonja, Adrienne and Brandon donned the ‘stumes, they all became vehicles for their Wonderland persona. My left gold trimmed heel stepped into the cab, the right stepped on The View’s stage as a producer pretended to be Whoopi. We presented ourselves, the royal entourage to Our Lady Whoopi, Queen of Clubs, Queen of Intuition, Guinan in Star Trek, Oscar winner, to the producer. He approved.

Backstage was full of fretting and laughter, and practicing and merriment, and pretending, and sharing tension. The hours passed by dreamily. AND THEN we were on stage, declared! We are the forerunners of Literary Cosplay, see our GLOW! You! Imaginationists, You Wonder Warriors! Follow the Glow! Build your imaginations! This is your strength. And just like that the secret mission to launch a nuclear imagination chip into the eyes of national television was completed. We celebrated by frolicking and denouncing the Lewis Carrolian lie of Alice in Wonderland. One battle won for Wonderland. Dark and Light Imaginationists united.

group shot

There were meetings though. Hatter Madigan, Dodge Anders and Queen Alyss kept slinking away with whispering tongues. They seemed eager to plan something. Queen Redd and I planned whispery things of our own. And then we returned to Wonderland. Truce ended. And once again….IT’S ON!