INTERVIEW: FanboyNation talks ‘Looking Glass Wars’ and ‘CrossFire’ with Frank Beddor

INTERVIEW: FanboyNation talks ‘Looking Glass Wars’ and ‘CrossFire’ with Frank Beddor

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One of our favorite pop-culture, nerd blogs reached out to talk about Looking Glass Wars: CrossFire, Hatter Madigan: Ghost in the HATBOX, and the difficulty Frank had getting his New York Times Best-Selling trilogy published.

FanboyNation asked Frank if he planned on leaving Wonderland anytime soon. He had this to say:

FanboyNation: How many more books do you have planned for this series? Do you have an endgame in sight?

Frank Beddor: No end game. I will continue to expand the Looking Glass Wars universe with my new prose series featuring Cadet Hatter Madigan at the Millinery Academy as well as writing and publishing graphic novels depicting Alyss’ Wonderland.  Additionally, in the interest of continuing to open and explore fantastical realms, I have been collaborating with authors to create a fantastical universe that revolves around SoCal’s Paradise High where the monstrous and metaphysical congregate.  Located on the cliffs overlooking an epic surf break, the privileged community of Paradise is seemingly perfect. A series of novels and comic books will refute the perfection and reveal a darker side.  Stay tuned for, Double Rainbow Murder, #Static, Killville and Warpaint .  Coming soon from Automatic Publishing!

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