Frank Beddor on ABC’s The View

Frank Beddor on ABC’s The View

New York Times Best Selling Author  and head of Automatic Studios Frank Beddor announced today that his new young adult prose novel series will officially launch May 29th at 11am EST on ABC’s The View. The new book is a prequel to the existing Looking Glass Wars time line and will hit stores in March of 2016  Looking Glass Wars super fan Whoopi Goldberg (Sister Act, The View) chose a Tier level from Automatic Studios recent graphic novel Kickstarter campaign to fund Love Of Wonder that allowed her to become a character in the book.  She was such a fan of the series that she also wanted to help launch the new title on the morning talk show where she is a co-host. The new book is the first title in a new three year publishing deal with Publishers Group West. The first non Looking Glass Wars related title will be a murder mystery by Eric Laster (Welfy Q. Deederhoth: Meat Purveyor). You can find Frank Beddor this week in New York at Book Expo America- Booth #3006. Frank will be signing and giving away free posters and sample chapters of Static.Beddor literally brought his characters to life on The View by inviting a team of cosplayers dressed up as his characters to appear on the show. “The audience exploded when they saw them come out. Fantasy rules reality.  The reaction was amazing.”

Looking Glass Wars is an alternative history loosely based on the characters of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland.  With prose titles and graphic novels and  the launch of a young adult series there is a Looking Glass Wars book for all age ranges. Titles can be purchased in both mainstream and comic retailers. Books in NYC at Forbidden Planet and Midtown Comic stores, or at

About Hatter Madigan: Ghost in the H.A.T.B.O.X.

Swordplay!  Newfound friendships!  School bullies!  Budding love!  Self-serving rivals! Scheming adults and soulless rebel plotters!  Welcome, to the world of Cadet Hatter Madigan, who has just entered  Wonderland’s Millinery academy as one of the freshmen ‘Caps’. Those born to be Royal Bodyguards are trained at one of the four academies  (Heart, Clubs Diamond, Spade) linked to the royal houses.  Cadets will study the mystic and martial arts, as well as the sometimes more difficult art of successfully dealing with others. Once Hatter begins his training he is thrown into a competitive world of both boys and girls vying to be the best.  Arsenal cubes, blade chasers and Hat blocking 101 are all rites of passage the young milliners first take on together but must eventually perfect, separately.

As readers of The Looking Glass Wars already know, Hatter will grow up to one day serve as bodyguard to two queens and become Wonderland’s most famous traveler.  But in the Young Hatter series—each installment of which chronicles a single year of our hero’s education—readers can live through the experiences that shaped this extraordinary Wonderlander. They will share young Hatter’s joy as he forges new friendships at the Millinery; suffer his frustrations as he strives to maintain these friendships; come, and witness young Hatter struggle with the first stirrings of love; watch him defend himself against rival cadets and contend with the expectations of teachers all too familiar with his infamous older brother … and all while he tries to keep up with his studies.