An Alice in Wonderland Adaptation Could Include These Actors

As was established in my previous blog post, where I discussed hypothetical castings for Princess Alyss Heart/Alice Liddell, The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor is the book that needs a television adaptation. With its fantastically large, magical, world, action-packed and emotional storyline, and the inventive re-imagination of characters we all know and love. It’s the perfect book for a hit show. The character I will be hypothetically casting today is the hat-throwing, acrobatic, globe trotter, Hatter Madigan, Frank Beddor’s version of the Mad Hatter.

This isn’t the Hatter of old though, no. There are no tea parties or mercury poisoning involved with Madigan. Hatter Madigan is a high-ranking member of the Wonderland Military called the Millinery. Hatter is a masterful fighter, his acrobatic fighting style incorporates his blade-rimmed hat and a backpack filled with a seemingly endless amount of knives. Very few have taken him on and lived to tell the tale.

While he is a talented fighter, he also has a softer side, during the coup of Queen Redd, when Ayss’s parents are murdered, he is tasked with protecting Princess Alyss. Unfortunately, during their escape from Wonderland, he loses Princess Alyss in the Pool of Tears. After Losing Alyss, Hatter tirelessly walks the globe for thirteen years, exhausting even the most minuscule of leads in his obsessive search for Alyss.

Hatter takes on an almost father-type role for Princess Alyss. An orphan himself, he understands what it is like to grow up without your birth parents. If I may be so blunt, Hatter is a morally grey badass. In regards to his actions, at first glance, you may not think that the ends justify the means but he is only supposed to follow one rule, protect Princess Alyss, by any means necessary. And when I say any, I mean it.

Hatter Madigan is a complex and powerful role. The correct casting for him is crucial not only for his character but for the overarching story. While I’m no director myself, I mentioned in my last article that I had worked in casting, so if you’ll allow me, I’m going to dawn my “Scorsese hat” and dive into the list.

Tom Hardy 

Image of Tom Hardy, a British actor known for his roles in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, Dunkirk, and Marvel Comics' Venom. Could he portray Hatter Madigan in a television adaptation of The Looking Glass Wars, by Frank Beddor?

Tom Hardy has a truly incredible catalog of films and TV under his belt, The Dark Knight Rises, Mad Max Fury Road, Peaky Blinders, The Revenant, Inception, Dunkirk, Black Hawk Down, Locke, Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy, etc. He effectively portrays morally complex characters aided by his seemingly gruff exterior.

Behind the gruff exterior in his roles, he masterfully brings out a softer side to the characters he embodies. Along with this, he can perform many stunts as shown in Mad Max Fury Road so the acrobatic fighting style of the Hatter would be a cakewalk for him. Tom Hardy would be a fantastic actor to portray Hatter.

Jason Momoa 

Image of actor and heartthrob: Jason Momoa, known for his roles in Game of Thrones and aa Aquaman in the DC Comics movies. Could he be a good choice to cast as Hatter Madigan in a movie adaptation of Frank Beddor's The Looking Glass Wars?

The Game Of Thrones star, Jason Momoa, would be an amazing Hatter. With his imposing figure and strong frame, it would not be a far stretch of the imagination for him to be a bodyguard. While he may seem intimidating, the reason I truly believe Jason Momoa would be a fantastic Hatter is due to the fact that he brings a certain sweetness to his roles that would fit Hatter perfectly.

Princess Alyss not only has to be physically protected by Hatter, she also has to be emotionally protected, which Jason has shown in his past performances he is more than capable of doing.

Idris Elba 

Image of actor, Idris Elba, from The Wire who could be a good candidate to be cast as Hatter Madiigan in a film or TV adaptation of The Looking Glass Wars, by author, Frank Beddor.

Idris Elba is a man so suave that he was being considered to be the next James Bond. Unfortunately for him, yet fortunate for us, that did not happen. Idris Elba is an insanely talented actor, established from his performance in the hit show, The Wire.

In Hijack, Idris plays Sam Nelson, a corporate negotiator who must use his skills to save everyone on board the hijacked Flight KA29. In this role, Idris brings an exciting resourcefulness as well as a calm demeanor during stressful situations that would translate perfectly to mysterious and competent Hatter. He’s definitely got the chops for the role and would bring so much mystery and intrigue to Hatter.

Henry Cavill 

Image of actor, Henry Cavill from Superman and The Witcher who could be a Contender for Hattter Madigan in 'The Looking Glass Wars' Movie or TV series Cast, which is Frank Beddor's expansion, or adaptation of the events from Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Henry Cavill is no stranger to big flashy films and television. From Superman to The Witcher, Henry is a force to be reckoned with. His imposing frame alone would fit well for the powerful bodyguard that is Hatter. What’s more, though he is strong and handsome, he is a massive nerd. He openly talks about his hobbies such as World of Warcraft and Warhammer, which means he understands what it means to fans when something they love gets an adaptation and would give his performance his all to get it right.

In The Witcher, he played Geralt. Geralt is a man who doesn’t really belong in the world he lives in, just like Hatter as he travels the globe searching for Princess Alyss. Cavill will bring power as well as sorrow to the role that makes him a strong contender to be the Hatter. 

Ewan McGregor 

Image of Ewan McGregor, who is known for his role as Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars. Could he be an Ideal Candidate for Hatter Madigan, in a movie or TV show adaptation of 'The Looking Glass Wars, which is Frank Beddor's Adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland?

Obi Wa- Sorry, Ewan McGregor, is a powerhouse. He is instantly recognizable and would bring so much fun and mystery to the calculated and deadly Hatter Madigan. Let’s start with the obvious, to me and anyone in my generation, he is Obi-Wan Kenobi. In Star Wars, Episode One: The Phantom Menace, Obi-Wan is a powerful Jedi tasked with protecting young Anakin Skywalker. This would translate over perfectly to the Looking Glass Wars. It’s no stretch of the imagination to say he would convincingly portray a powerful soldier turned bodyguard who is tasked with protecting, then finding, Princess Alyss.

Playing a Jedi also means that he is no stranger to wild stunts and fighting with a “blade” just like he would need to do as Hatter. He fits every necessary part of the Hatter perfectly, I’ve established that he can convey convincing staged fights but he also showed us that he can be a tender and loving caretaker as he did with young Princess Leia in the new Obi-Wan Kenobi show. I can say with no hesitation that Ewan McGregor would make a great Hatter Madigan.

Javier Bardem 

Image of Javier Bardem, known for No Country For Old Men - who could be an Ideal Candidate for Hatter Madigan, in a movie or series adaptation of 'The Looking Glass Wars, which is Frank Beddor's Adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

Javier Bardem might feel a bit like an odd man out on this list at first glance, but give me a couple hundred words and I know I can change your mind. All we have to do is look at his performance in No Country for Old Men. Okay, wait, don’t leave, hear me out. Javier’s character, Chigurh in No Country for Old Men is a psychopathic assassin who leaves a wake of dead bodies behind him in his hunt for Josh Brolin.

This on the surface may not seem like the right thing for Hatter Madigan but allow me to remind you of when Princess Alyss is separated from Hatter during their escape from Wonderland and ends up in our world, what does Hatter do? He walks the globe, using every bit of his training from the Millinery to find clues to lead him to the one he was supposed to protect. Remove Chigurh’s psychopathy, the make wake of dead bodies justified killings, and change the end goal from killing Josh Brolin to protecting Alyss, and boom, Hatter.

The laser-like focus, the strong silent type energy, the detective work, to put a perfect cherry on top, Hatter Madigan is a morally grey hero, he is not moralistic when protecting exploited children, he is a trained killer after all… Told you I would convince you. Javier Bardem can and will provide.

Michael Fassbender 

Image of Michael Fassbender - who could be an Ideal Candidate for 'The Looking Glass Wars' Movie Cast, which is Frank Beddor's Adaptation of Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland.

It seems as though Michael Fassbender is no stranger to big set pieces, from the recreation of ancient Greece in 300 to the distant planet that is the setting of Prometheus. Big works for Fassbender. But, then I remembered Steve Jobs. A movie that takes place in one location over the span of many years. It is essentially a play. Yet it still feels massive. And that’s when it clicked for me, Fassbender brings the “big.” His performances have that weight. The perfect weight needed for the role of Hatter.

Hatters presence is always felt, even when he is being quiet. Fassbender has the chops to bring awareness of Hatter, without drawing attention. Striking the perfect balance of an assassin. Which Fassbender is already familiar with due to his staring in Assassin’s Creed.

James McAvoy 

Image of actor James McAvoy - who. could be a top Pick for 'The Looking Glass Wars' movie or streaming series cast. Which is Frank Beddor's Alice in Wonderland adaptation.

James McAvoy has the ability to disappear into his roles unlike any other. This skill is highlighted no better than in Split, where James portrayed a man with dissociative identity disorder. Every time his character changed personalities, you fully believed he became a new person. Even though it was the same face.

James is also no stranger to the fantasy world, portraying Mr. Tumnus in The Lion, The Witch and the Wardrobe. With his rugged looks and previously mentioned top tier acting chops, he truly has all the raw ingredients to become a perfect Hatter. The only missing ingredient here is him. James, are you reading this? Call Frank Beddor, his cellphone number is [REDACTED].

Alexander Skarsgård 

Actor Alexander Skarsgard - Potential Casting choice for 'The Looking Glass Wars' Movie or TV show Adaptation by Frank Beddor, and based on Alice in Wonderland.

A couple of months ago, my girlfriend was rewatching True Blood. Now, I had never watched this show before, as I’m not it’s target demographic. But, let me tell you, while she was watching the show and I was doing other things, any time Alexander Skarsgård came on camera, I was glued to the screen. I was surprised that a romantic drama about vampires in Louisiana had a performance so nuanced and genuinely unsettling. He (along with my girlfriend) made me watch the whole show.

As shown in The Northman, Skarsgård is no stranger to sword play, masterfully executing the choreographed fights like a true master of the blade. Without a doubt, Skarsgård would bring an incredibly interesting performance to Hatter. Plus he’s got a brother, which would be amazing if he cameo’d as Hatter’s brother, Dalton. Just throwing it out there.

Jamie Dornan 

Image of actor Jamie Dornan, a potential candidate for Hatter M. in The Looking Glass Wars television series adaptation.

Okay, let me address the elephant in the room before I fully get into why Jamie Dornan is a great contender to be hypothetically cast as Hatter Madigan. Fifty Shades of Grey. For those of you who don’t know, Fifty Shades of Grey… How do I describe this without getting in trouble? Oh, I got it! Go ask your mother. Roasted.

Okay, but seriously, those of you who have watched the movie or at least heard of it might be wondering why he is on this list, that movie (and book) is a lot different from The Looking Glass Wars. And you’re right to think this, but all I need to say is one word to get you on my side, smolder. Those who have seen the movie get what I’m saying. There is a lot of smoldering in Fifty Shades of Grey. Especially from Christian Grey. If we were to remove the BDSM undertones (and overtones) of the smolder and replace it with anger and determination. He’d be a damn good Hatter.

I believe any one of these actors would be a terrific Hatter Madigan. What do you all think? Is there anyone you would prefer to see play Hatter Madigan? Anyone you think I’m incorrect about? I would love to hear your takes on the perfect actor to play Hatter Madigan.

Meet The Author

Jared Hoffman Headshot

Jared Hoffman graduated from the American Film Institute with a degree in screenwriting. A Los Angeles native, his brand of comedy is satire stemming from the many different personalities and ego’s he has encountered throughout his life. As a lover of all things comedy, Jared is always working out new material and trying to make those around him laugh. His therapist claims this is a coping mechanism, but what does she know?

How to Cosplay the Mad Hatter for This Year’s Comic Con

Let me set something straight right at the top of this blog post. If you, like my mom, are of the mindset that cosplay is just, “adults playing dress up”, allow me to learn you a thing or two. First off, cosplayers design and create their costumes from scratch. While this came from the necessity that their favorite niche characters most likely don’t have a costume you can grab off the shelf at Spirit of Halloween. On top of this, if there is a costume available at a store, they are usually of terrible quality. In constructing their cosplay, they hone their craft and the cosplayer can reach whatever level of quality they want.

They need to know how different fabrics lay on the skin, stitch together, how to work plastics and metals for armor or masks, and in a lot of cases, also how correctly apply a full face of movie quality VFX makeup. So no, cosplayers are not just, “adults playing dress up” cosplayers are costume designers, make-up artists, seamstresses, and performers, who also like to play dress up.

With convention season right around the corner, cosplayers from all over the world will travel to show off their creations. What’s interesting is that no matter what convention you go to, through the droves of Marvel superheroes, one will always find an Alice in Wonderland or Looking Glass Wars cosplayer. There will be a new take on the incredible Alice in Wonderland characters wandering the convention center halls, weaving through a sea of Spider-Men, women, and children. If this does not convey the impact and staying power of Alice in Wonderland and The Looking Glass Wars, I don’t know what will.

While Alice is an obvious choice for cosplay, today I’m going to focus on another incredibly popular cosplay character from the Alice in Wonderland/Looking Glass Wars universe, the Mad Hatter.

I learned, while listening to the professional cosplayer Chad Evett’s episode of Frank Beddor’s podcast, All Things Alice, that a big portion of why someone decides to cosplay a specific character is that they either see a part of themselves in a character or see a quality of a character they want to embody. This is why the Mad Hatter/Hatter Madigan are such popular choices.

Just on the surface, the Mad Hatter is a fun and energetic character who does what he thinks is right and hides nothing. Whereas Hatter Madigan is a powerful anti-hero bodyguard, with more hidden weapons than a doomsday prepper. Guided by his one duty to find and return Princess Alyss to Wonderland. He is an unstoppable force, trekking the globe in his lonely quest. To be reductive, he’s badass.

To start us off on this cosplay inspiration guide, we have to start at what is arguably the most popular iteration of the Mad Hatter.

Tim Burton’s Hatter, famously portrayed by Johnny Depp:

Here we see Chad Evett’s cosplay of this version of Hatter—a top tier version of costume, but worry not, you too can look this cool! I think the draw with this specific character is that visually it makes an impact. The multitude of different fabrics, the bright red hair, the pale makeup reminding us that he has mercury poisoning, and of course the top hat. What I love about this cosplay is that while it’s a wonderful collage of different colors and textures, it’s actually much more attainable than one would think.


With a glue gun, a basic understanding of stitching, and an eccentric trip to the thrift store, one can find all the necessary components to make this cosplay as detailed or understated as one wants. The clothing consists of a colorful blazer (Johnny Depp wore a brown one and a blue one, and even a sweet maroon exploring jacket—so choose your favorite!), an equally as colorful patterned shirt, and an ascot or spotted bow tie.

The hat is always the hardest part to source, I found some cheap ones online but they don’t look quite right and to get them as “mad” as they need to be will take a bit of creativity. Chad’s advice is “layer layer layer” to get that really quirky vibe just right.


But, maybe you’re not a Tim Burton fan. Maybe, you want something different. Maybe, you like Hatter but wished he had a little more edgy hero quality about him. Well then, here is a Hatter cosplay that definitely will turn heads and start a conversation. The dark and mysterious Hatter Madigan from the Looking Glass Wars book series/Hatter M graphic novels. Also my personal favorite version of the Hatter.

How To Cosplay Hatter Madigan:

This Master Milliner wears the classic uniform of his trade as a royal bodyguard to Wonderland’s royalty—a long navy-blue coat, dashing body armor, hidden weaponry, and a hat that Just. Wont. Quit. I mean look at the cover for the second volume of the Hatter M. series and tell me he isn’t cool.


I’m going to break down this cosplay and give some ideas on how you could pull it off yourself. Let’s start from the top and work our way down the outfit.

The Hat:


Okay if you can find the right style hat you’re already there. But, if you want to kick it up to the next level you could add retracting blades in the rim. It’s actually quite simple. Once you source or make your (fake) blades, you make a baseplate out of plastic or foam core poster board, then drill a hole where you want the blades to pivot through the hat, baseplate, and blades. The final step is using a small bolt or pin to hold the blades into place.

Cut a Christmas bobble in half to create the signature “red eye” of Hatter’s sentient headwear. In lieu of caterpillar silk you could even use a touch of shiny fabric or metallic wrapping paper to give the shimmer of imagination to your creation – no matter what do you, just have fun with it!


The Coat/shirt/pants:

Step one, find a navy or dark trench coat. Step two, buy/barter/borrow without asking for the aforementioned navy trench coat.

As for the shirt, any dark shirt will work here, if you want to, a double vested vest will add more texture and details. Don’t be afraid to get fancy with it – while Hatter Madigan is a fighting machine, he is also a ROYAL bodyguard. Add some swank to you Hatter look like this guy who dressed to impress in Heart Palace:

And finally, a pair of navy blue trousers, with a belt (or five) will work perfectly here.

The Armor:

There is a simple way around the armor if you’re strapped for time and materials. Button up the coat. But, if you have the skills and mental fortitude, you can make it yourself. I would think going with a foam board would be the easiest way to make the armor. Carve carefully and add a little weathered paint to get that signature battle-tested Madigan style.

The Blades:

Now, again you can make a choice here, you don’t have to have any blades. The costume is basically done here. But a sense of danger will really ramp up this cosplay into high gear. Throw some blades on his belt, in the lining of the coat, have a small dagger on your ankle. If you think of a cool place to hide a blade, do it, it will only make the cosplay cooler.

For his wrist blades, one could use wrist guards or a wrist brace, and attach blades to them. Or you could adapt the hidden blade from an Assassin’s Creed costume into this one.

The Backpack:

The sky’s the limit here. It could be simple, a backpack with blades sticking out of it. Or you could go complex and build the metal arms with affixed blades that go over the shoulder and under the arms. In the photo here, the backpack looks to be the size of a camelback. Which would make a great base to build from.

The Boots:

Finally, to tie it all together, a pair of black, square-toed, cowboy boots will bring it home. If you want you can use silver paint on the stitching to make it really pop.

From complex to simple, the cosplay looks awesome no matter what because they are an extension of you. I can’t wait to see all the incredible Alice in Wonderland, Looking Glass Wars, and Hatter M cosplays this convention season. If you have an Alice in Wonderland-related cosplay that you want to show off, please send it over. Who knows, you might end up in one of these blogs!

Meet The Author:

Jared Hoffman Headshot

Jared Hoffman graduated from the American Film Institute with a degree in screenwriting. A Los Angeles native, his brand of comedy is satire stemming from the many different personalities and ego’s he has encountered throughout his life. As a lover of all things comedy, Jared is always working out new material and trying to make those around him laugh. His therapist claims this is a coping mechanism, but what does she know?

The Next Alice In Wonderland Adaptation Should Consider These Actresses

Frank Beddor’s “The Looking Glass Warsis THE book trilogy that needs to be a show. As I’m sure some of you know, his books are a dark retelling of Lewis Carroll’s “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” His books are not only a modernized adaptation of a franchise that has sold over 150 million books and has been translated into twice as many languages as Harry Potter, but it’s also got something for every one of us who’s looking for a good story: action, adventure, gut-wrenching drama, archetypes of romance and tragedy that renders nostalgia at once fresh and familiar. The ride that every one of us want to be on? These books embody.

As with any book I read, when I envision the show, I first imagine the potential cast. That’s the fun part, right? Finding the right actors for the characters is paramount…and to quote Martin Scorsese, “90% of directing is casting.”  I’m no director IRL, but after working at a casting agency, producing a few short films, and casting in my head as a writer, I’m no stranger to this process. I put on my “director’s hat” (my beret and do that hand frame thing) – I become “Marty.”  I peer through my looking glass and look for who I’d want to be my ALICE/ALYSS.

But wait, before I go there, let me give you some context for what I’m looking for.  The character of “Alice/Alyss” is complex; there are two sides to her and timelines to follow in which both converge and undergo a massive metamorphosis.  (Do I have your attention yet?)

When Alyss was seven, she was exiled from her home and shot out of a puddle in Victorian London. Once adopted by the Liddell family, her name was forcibly changed to “Alice Liddell” and she was made to believe that Wonderland was only a figment of her girlish imagination. While the truth was never lost to her, Alyss survived by pretending to repress those awesome and awful memories to become what was expected of her: a perfect Victorian lady.

Next, we time-jump to Alice Liddell as this groomed “Victorian lady” entering into high society during the “Season” where eligible young women are matched and married off. Internally, we know (and she knows) she doesn’t belong. But she makes it work – wicked smart, sassy, she plays along — persevering through tough situations, wearing her repressed memories like the fashionable breath-squeezing corsets of the time, wound up like a ticking clock, ready to spring awake if, and when, triggered.

I love this set up for Alice/Alyss.  To me, this juicy backstory and atmosphere is an inexhaustible wellspring for an actress. One from which she would be able to draw vulnerability and hope. There are clear goals and high stakes as her past PURSUES her, ignorance and comforts swept aside as Alyss is forced to confront the hardest truths in order to discover WHO she really is.  These stories give Alyss the role of the “chosen one” – one with a destiny to rectify a great wrong – for humanity and Wonderland. How she does this and at what cost will be the reason we lean in. 

(Uff! Gives me the shivers.)

So now we understand the SCOPE of Alyss/Alice, I, in the role of “Marty,” turn my gaze towards actors who would be able to take on this dynamic duality: repressed Victorian lady destined to be warrior queen of Wonderland.  A character arc that demands a robust core throughout while managing nuanced layers of conceit.

We need a real powerhouse… The actors chosen for this list not only have the raw talent to portray such a complex role but can bring it to the next level.  Without further ado, here are what we consider the best choices for casting Alice:

Anya Taylor-Joy

Anya Taylor-Joy
Anya Taylor-Joy

I think I can safely say with no pushback that Anya Taylor-Joy is having a well-deserved moment after The Queen’s Gambit. See her in The Menu, Last Night in Soho, and Split, and you’d agree that she has the power to draw eyes to the screen and deliver a killer performance. She is adept in period-pieces as seen in The Witch and Peaky Blinders. But really, what gets me are her eyes – their incredible ability to convey depth of emotion, defiance and vulnerability – an absolute must for an Alice Liddell who would be navigating Victorian society while guarding the secret of who she really is deep down. Anya is not only right for the role, but she’d hit it out of the park. I can picture her as a rebellious young woman out of time, couldn’t you?

Daisy Edgar-Jones

Left: Daisy Edgar-Jones, Right: Alice Liddell
Left: Daisy Edgar-Jones, Right: Alice Liddell

Another great contender for Alyss/Alice is Daisy Edgar-Jones.  The fact that she and the real Alice Liddell look like doppelgängers is a little uncanny.  If you’ve seen Daisy’s performance in Normal People (one of my favorites)or Under the Banner of Heaven as Brenda Lafferty, you’d understand her aptitude for range, depth and complex emotions. Daisy made Brenda instantly likeable as a maverick in the ultra-conservative-Mormon Lafferty family she married into, which only amplified the tragedy of her death. She brings a tenacious fire to her acting, one that quietly provokes and or evokes, challenging the audience to meet her where she is.  I imagine Alyss/Alice to be such a character, and it would be fantastic to see Daisy bring her to life.

Emilia Jones

Emilia Jones
Emilia Jones

After a such a distinct and memorable performance in CODA, Emilia Jones exploded onto the scene. The wholesome and yearning character she portrays felt grounded and wise beyond her years; and yet, she could flip back to girlish innocence and first love at the drop of a hat.  For many, she left a powerful impression – made us feel the truth she was carrying for all of us.  I can see her bringing this to the White Imagination wielding Princess Alyss: her face pure and reflective. In interviews, Emilia’s bright personality and infectious laugh makes her a magnet.  With so much life and verve, (and as one of the youngest actors on this list), if given a chance to play Alyss/Alice, Emilia would surely embody her spirit and win our hearts.

Saoirse Ronan

Saoirse Ronan
Saoirse Ronan

Little Women, Lady Bird, The Lovely Bones, Hannah, The Grand Budapest Hotel, The French Dispatch. With a filmography like this, there is no doubt that Saoirse’s got range.  She’s made us laugh, cry, forget ourselves and then remember again, touch those lost limbs, feel phantom pangs. Saoirse’s body of work speaks for itself, and would check every box in anyone’s imaginary list of attributes needed to portray Princess Alyss. Period piece skills? Little Women. Coming of age? Lady Bird. Fantasy/Adventure? City of Ember.

Her ferocity and gymnastic ability to completely transform herself into her characters to enter the landscape of the show is special and rare.  World creation for big fantasy is only as good as the people occupying its space – and if that were our only criteria, Saoirse would own it.  It would be a dream for her to play Alyss/Alice, in all her manifestations.  Whether in our world or Wonderland, if Saoirse jumped into the Pool of Tears, it would be straight into the deep end.

Jenna Ortega

Jenna Ortega
Jenna Ortega

Next, I’d like to introduce a dark horse contender for the role of Alyss/Alice.  Hear me out. I’d like for us to consider Jenna Ortega.  It appears that after Wednesday debuted, no one could stop talking about her – and for good reason. I remember first seeing her acting in the horror movie X, and while she wasn’t yet the star then, her quiet and innocent performance was the standout.

The character Jenna plays in Wednesday, (Wednesday Addams) couldn’t be more different than the Alice I imagined on the surface, but it doesn’t mean she isn’t right for the role. After seeing the way Jenna portrayed Wednesday, as a calm almost monotone character with layers of intrigue and feeling bubbling underneath the surface, so cool and detached, I found her uber interesting.  It certainly showcased her talents as an actor and made me think of her taking on the role of Alyss/Alice in a surprising way.

I don’t know about you, but I like it when actors challenge our assumptions about a piece, and find it exciting to see how someone, a little unexpected, could bring the role to a wholly different dimension.

Florence Pugh

Florence Pugh
Florence Pugh

When I was researching actresses for this list, a friend convinced me that I had to include Florence Pugh. Starring in such films as Midsommar, Little Women, Lady MacBeth, and the recent, Don’t Worry Darling,it seems Florence is only capable of delivering compelling, emotionally raw, and powerful performances. You get the feeling that she holds nothing back.

Florence is her own brand of woman – unapologetic even as she bends and cuts herself open to the audience. Her distinct raspy voice along with a trademark frown rivet us, so much going on behind those eyes. Her energy fills and battles with forces internal and external, holding tension in the most visceral way.  Watching her, I find myself holding my breath… and imagining her doing battle with Queen Redd? Well, I’d like to be ringside for that one. 

Phoebe Dynevor

Phoebe Dynevor
Phoebe Dynevor

Phoebe Dynevor crashed onto the scene with her starring breakout role as Daphne Bridgerton in Shonda Rhimes’s Bridgerton. Her performance in this fictional period piece fits right into the story line for Alice Liddell in The Looking Glass Wars wonderverse. As Daphne, Phoebe portrayed a woman who was groomed to perfectly fit the mold of her society but who questioned and fought against the very ideals and assumptions of that society even as she ascended in position. Much like Alice Liddell, Daphne was swept up in all the decisions that were made for her, but underneath, she had her own headstrong ideas and desires.

Daphne’s coming of age is an awakening of self – especially in an era of dating and matrimony where class, position and stature out-weighs personal feelings and romance. This internal conflict against external circumstance parallels Alice Liddell’s travails. For this role, Phoebe brought grace, fortitude and exquisite vulnerability to her character.  She had the audience rooting for her every step of the way.  Now, to see her wield the power of Light Imagination, who knows what she’ll bring to the table?

Rachel Zegler

Rachel Zegler
Rachel Zegler

Coming in hot, last but not least on our list, is Rachel Zegler. While she has the least acting credits on this list, she is also the only one here who starred in a Steven Spielberg film. The part of Maria in West Side Story won her a Golden Globe — an exceptional and hard-earned performance filled with wit, charm, and musicality.  Rachel as Alyss/Alice would translate across any language in every platform. Her innocence and passion play seamlessly side-by-side – giving her undeniable appeal.

Each one of these talented actresses would bring something unforgettable to the dualistic role of Alyss Heart/Alice Liddell. What do you think of this list? Who would you pick as your favorite? Is there anyone I didn’t mention here that you think would make a good Alice? Put on your “Marty” hat… I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Meet The Author

Jared Hoffman Headshot

Jared Hoffman graduated from the American Film Institute with a degree in screenwriting. A Los Angeles native, his brand of comedy is satire stemming from the many different personalities and ego’s he has encountered throughout his life. As a lover of all things comedy, Jared is always working out new material and trying to make those around him laugh. His therapist claims this is a coping mechanism, but what does she know?

You’re Late: For a Very Important Collection of 10 Alice in Wonderland Cartoon Features

Whether he knew it was going to be or not, Lewis Carroll’s creation, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has been a mainstay in popular culture since it was published in 1865. As is natural in the life of something with such staying power, people eventually are going to start using it as a way to tell jokes. The whacky characters and nonsense world is perfect fodder for any genre of comedy, be it political humor, cultural satire, or absurdism. One does not have to look that hard to find a reference to the world and characters created by Lewis Carroll.

When Frank informed me of my task to rank the top ten funniest Alice in Wonderland cartoon/comic strips, I was intrigued. He then told me to be funny or else I was to be fed to a Jabberwocky. The Alice in Wonderland monster, not the masked, bucket-hat wearing, Filipino, hip hop dancers. I don’t know what they eat. With a task in hand and a threat looming over my shoulders. I was filled with the healthy amount of fear needed to brave the task that lay ahead of me.

After digging through the depths of the internet, I think I managed to find the top ten funniest Alice in Wonderland comics. Remember, these are the top ten funniest cartoons, to me. I don’t want to hear cries of, “off with his head!” Because you thought number three should be number five. With that said, let’s get this show on the road.

10.) Starting us off at Number Ten is a political cartoon by Christopher Weyant

mad hatter political cartoon illustrated by christopher weyant showing a scathing depiction of the senate impeachment trial

Now before you click off this page because you disagree with what is being said here. The original work of Mr. Carroll was a satirical view on Queen Victoria’s Court, and comedians are lazy and steal jokes, I would know. It’s only natural the, “Aliceverse” has become a template for political ribbing. Therefore, I felt I needed to include a political cartoon. This is the only true political cartoon on the list because I’ve been informed there is an election coming up and I’m saving the rest for then. Right now, this is just about jokes. So, let’s move on from politics.

9.) The next strip is from Rick Detorie’s One Big Happy

Rick Detories One Big Happy mentions wonderland in a verbal exchange in a short comic featuring a mother and daughter

This isn’t the first time Alyss’ name has been messed up. Okay, I know it’s not laugh-out-loud funny, but I’m going to explain to you why this is actually fantastic. As we all know, nothing makes a joke funnier than an explanation as to why it’s funny. I’m going to make a guess that when you’ve exposed yourselves as super fans of Alice in Wonderland, someone, somewhere, has made some version of this joke to you. There is even a DJ who’s named Alison Wonderland. Maybe you laughed the first time you heard it, maybe you rolled your eyes, maybe you were the one who thought, “I’m a comedic genius!” And said it. Whatever the case, it wasn’t the last time you’ve heard this joke. And that is what is so funny. Making you read this pun one more time made me laugh. And I assure you, you will hear this joke again and again and again. I was honestly tempted to repeat this previous comic for the next nine slots but decided that would be a tad bit sadistic. You’re welcome.

8.) This next comic is brought to us by Mike Peters, the creator of Mother Goose and Grimm. Let’s hear it for number eight

mike peters illustration depcting the cheshire cat looking over alices shoulder as she goes down the youtube rabbit hole

There is no better procrastination tool than Youtube. We’ve all been there before. When that algorithm hits just right. Oh, the sweet dopamine. What feels like five minutes is actually three hours and you tell yourself you will get back to work after one more video. After the video, you realize it’s 8:17pm, “it would be insane to start working unless it’s a multiple of five.” you think to yourself “8:20 is a better number.” And off you go to another video of a cat being scared by cucumbers, you look up and it’s 8:22, “Welp, might as well round it off at an even 8:30.” and the cycle continues. In my own head cannon, this is also the reason why the White Rabbit is running late.

7.) Before you all jump ship and go down your own social media rabbit hole. Take a gander at the seventh comic in this list instead

maria scrvien comic making fun of disclaimers with a doctors disclaimer on a bottle that says drink me

This comic, by Maria Scrivan, made me laugh… Okay, you caught me, this comic by Maria Scrivan made me blow some air out of my nose slightly harder than usual, but in the modern era, that’s equivalent. Did anyone else read this with the side effect voice that goes on in the background of pharmaceutical commercials? For those of you who live outside of the United States, our pharmaceutical companies are allowed to market their drugs to us, the non-doctors, in the hopes that we tell our non-non-doctors AKA doctors, that we want the specific drug. In said commercials, they have to read out the side effects and for some unexplainable reason, it’s always over footage of some kind of outdoor jazz concert, attended solely by middle-aged couples.

Also, the mentioning of effects lasting longer than four hours is actually a reference to a very specific drug, I was unsure if I was allowed to say the name and function of the drug but I think I have some freedom here. It’s Viagra. Which is what happened when Eat Me was passed through the heart crystal. Imagine four hours of that… Okay, stop imagining.

Speaking of medication, it looks like Alice might need some ibuprofen and a cool glass of water after the night she had.

6.) Number six on this list is from Mark Parisi’s Off the Mark

mark parisis off the mark cartoon has a small alice in bed with the caption alice recovers from a night of binge shrinking

Look, we’ve all been here before, what started as a nice calm night hanging out with friends tossing back a couple of cold, “drink me’s” somehow, turns into a blurry mess. You wake up still wearing the clothes you had on the previous night, including the shoes, your head is pounding, you reek of hookah smoke which means at some point you ran into the Blue Caterpillar, and the Cheshire Cat is nibbling on the remaining bits of a half-eaten Crunchwrap supreme. You scour your medicine cabinet for an, “eat me.” So that you can feel in some way normal. Then hop in the shower to wash off the unknown sins of the previous night.

5.) Now to sober us up, I bring you the fifth cartoon & this is a twofer, from the mind of Charles M. Schulz, Peanuts

charles m schultz peanuts cartoon where snoopy mimics the cheshire cat by disappearing
charles m schultz cartoon peanuts featuring snoopys ability to disappear leaving only his smile like the cheshire cat

This comic is quite strange. What’s even stranger is there are at least five more Peanuts comics with the exact same concept. This has led me to create a theory. I’ve always thought the peanuts were based in reality and all the wild stuff Snoopy does, like flying on his dog house, is in his mind. This comic obliterates that idea, which leads us to one of two conclusions. The first is that Snoopy, is in fact the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland dressed as a beagle. The second theory and my personal favorite, Snoopy is some kind of omnipotent being able to bend reality at will.

4.) This fourth comic on the list will bring you back to reality. Perhaps a bit of a harsh reality. Liana Fink’s cartoon is about everybody’s favorite thing, responsibility

liana fink cartoon features alice in a kitchen called responsibility land with satire labels on ordinary items

As I write this, a massive pile of dirty laundry stares at me, but that’s a problem for tomorrow me. This feels more like Alice in OCD land. This cartoon is so grounded, that the best joke I can make about it was, Alice in OCD land. I just looked up at my pile of laundry and it somehow got bigger but I don’t have time for clean clothes. I have to keep going down the rabbit hole and introduce the next comic!

3.) Number three, Heart of the City by Steenz

heart of the city by steenz cartoon comparing the bizarre nature of characters in wonderland to a subway

We’ve now officially entered into hilarity territory. One thing I like about this cartoon is that it’s got the most amount of characters in it; the Blue Caterpillar which I’m assuming is yellow in this for legal reasons, the Mock Turtle wearing a melting fez for some reason, a card soldier attempting to appear nonchalant by whistling, the Dodo who looks as though he over imbibed on whatever is in the Caterpillars hookah, as well as the Mad Hatter himself preparing to run a marathon. Just as I remember them. Little known fact, “We’re all mad here.” Is actually about the subway in New York. Why are they so angry? I’ve ridden on the subway in New York before and the only thing remotely close to being taken to a new world was when a Peruvian pan flute band randomly showed up. People watching is a great way to realize that being weird is okay because everyone is weird. That is until you make eye contact with a stranger so you quickly look away, then after a bit, you go back to people watching and make eye contact with the same person again!

[Insert Alice in Wonderland-related segue here]

I felt bad that you, dear reader, were not involved in the list-making process, so I’m giving you the chance to insert your own transition as an unbirthday present. Comment your segues below and I won’t read them.

2.) Number two, illustrated by Mark Parisi

famous cartoonist mark parisi shows the white rabbit from alice in wonderland in a domestic situation where his wife echoes a popular catchphrase im late

I like to think the reason the White Rabbit has such a look of fear is that he lives in a state with trigger laws. Sorry, I said I was going to move on from politics but that was a pretty good joke. The inspiration for the White Rabbit, Bibwit Harte, is the royal tutor for Princess Alyss, this cartoon raises the question, does he teach health class? If so, he should know how to put on a prophylactic. Or is that taught by a P.E. coach as it is here? The White Rabbit has been missing from the comics in this list and I did that on purpose. This cartoon blows the rest out of the water.

There’s only one comic that I think is better than this. Without further ado, I bring you the single funniest, Alice in Wonderland cartoon, that I found in my many, many, *looks at Frank*, many, hours of research.

1.) Our Number One feature is illustrated by Christopher Weyant

illustration by christopher weyant depicts and upside down frown floating with the caption we had him neutered

C’mon! Comedy genius right here. Don’t tell me you didn’t at least blow some air out your nose at this one. Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum AKA General Doppelgänger having the Cheshire Cat neutered implies that they have some kind of ownership over him is quite weird to me. Imagine owning an animal that can talk to you. That will be wild… I just remembered parrots exist but they can’t hold an intelligent conversation, they hold no opinions on things like the stock market or geopolitical issues. Neither do I though. Where was I going with this? Oh yes, adopt don’t shop. That’s it for this list. This is the part where I’m supposed to say that I want to hear what you think the funniest Alice in Wonderland cartoons are and if you think I should have placed them in a different order. I’m not going to say that, because I worked hard on this list and I can’t handle someone else showing me something better than what I chose. All jokes aside, I hope you all enjoyed reading this. I will be back soon with another Alice-themed attempt at making you laugh.

For more information on Looking Glass Wars & Alice in Wonderland, check out the All Things Alice Blogs From Frank Beddor

Meet The Author

Jared Hoffman Headshot

Jared Hoffman graduated from the American Film Institute with a degree in screenwriting. A Los Angeles native, his brand of comedy is satire stemming from the many different personalities and ego’s he has encountered throughout his life. As a lover of all things comedy, Jared is always working out new material and trying to make those around him laugh. His therapist claims this is a coping mechanism, but what does she know?

5 Alice in Wonderland Events You’ll Have To See To Believe

Hello everyone, Denholm Afedoj, the famously redacted jester of wonderland, is back again with another task for you all to feast your eyes upon. No, it’s not the tasteful Alice in Wonderland-themed, boudoir photo shoot I did, that idea was, after careful delegation, shot down immediately. You’re going to have to wait for valentines day for that. Today, I’m bringing you a list of Five Alice in Wonderland Experiences around the globe.

This list consists of five suggestions for more experiential Alice in Wonderland experiences. These are things to do that will make you the envy of all the Alice other fans.

5.) “Alice Day” (Celebrated every year in Oxford UK on July 4th)

Though this event is hosted by the Story Museum in Oxford, this is a city-wide festival that spans a few days. It doesn’t get much for frabjous than this. The festival has a multitude of activities, exploring the museum, a scavenger hunt called the Red Queens Trail, a Mad Tea Party, crafting your own mini teapot, character meet and greets including a specific event called Meet the White Rabbit with Blackwell’s, and if you’re feeling competitive or hungry, there are cupcake competitions.

If you want to learn more about the history of Alices Adventures in Wonderland the Lewis Carroll Society hosts many talks, including a seminar hosted by Alice Liddell’s real great-granddaughter. If you think the Dormouse is left out from this occasion, you thought wrong. Head over to the natural history museum to make your own teacup that is the perfect size for the sleepy little fellow. I can keep talking about each and every event but that will take up this whole list. If you like Alice in Wonderland and you can get over to Oxford during the festival, do it.

4.) Recreate Lewis Carroll’s Picnic with the Liddells with the Oxford River Tea Cruise

Located in Oxford, this scenic river cruise has many different options, but I know which one you all are really interested in. The little electric boat takes you through the route that Alice Liddell and Lewis Carroll took when composing Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

Those who are interested in making the event more experiential can take turns pretending to be Alyss getting upset at Mr. Carroll for pretending to believe that she is the princess of Wonderland just like what happened in the Looking Glass Wars. Doing this is almost completely free, except for the price of having the captain of the boat give you a strange look.

This two to three-hour boat ride also includes a selection of finger sandwiches, homemade quiche, or tart of the day. Tarty tart is unfortunately not an option. As well as other tasty treats and drinks. The tour operates between April and October, bookings must be done in advance and private versions of this cruise are also available.

3.) The Alice in Wonderland Experience by CluedUpp Games

With locations in over 1,500 cities worldwide, the Alice in Wonderland experience is a geogaming experience that any Alice fan would enjoy. For those that don’t know, geogaming is what happens when you take an escape room, mix it with a scavenger hunt, and use an app to run around all over your city solving puzzles and doing various tasks.

While their website does not give a lot of details as to what actually happens during their Alice in Wonderland Experience, the trailer I saw on their Facebook page sets the scene quite well. Alice has gone missing from Wonderland and it is up to you and your friends to track her down. This game uses an app to give you locations and tasks, which will take you through a wild and wonderful experience all over your town. As the journey unfolds before you things are bound to get curious and curiouser. From the trailer it looks like you are going to travel down the rabbit hole and interact with many characters from Alice in Wonderland, the Mad Hatter, the White Rabbit, and of course the Red Queen.

This experience takes place all over the world and they have a search option to find an event nearest you. Tickets cost $40 which is good for a team of 2-6 people, kids play free.

2.)  The Alice Cocktail Experience

This isn’t your average, everyday, pop-up bar experience, this is an “Immersive cocktail adventure!” According to their website, you and your friends will go on a ninety-minute journey through Wonderland. You will create two Alice in Wonderland-inspired cocktails, solve riddles and challenges, eat an “eat me” cookie, paint roses red, and much more.

If you like booze and Alice in Wonderland, this is the place for you. This event has many different locations all across the globe, so click the link to see the closest place for you to get your Alice-themed drink on!

1.) Beyond Wonderland, the Alice in Wonderland Themed electronic music festival

Do you like flashing lights, DJs, and Alice in Wonderland? Well, this is the place for you. I, Denholm Afedoj, have actually been to this event, and let me tell you, it’s a blast. Once you walk in you are greeted with pounding bass, amazing set designs, and fantastic people.

There are a lot of amazing photo ops, performers, art installations, and other experiences that all revolve around Alice in wonderland. Including Red Queen. Don’t worry about losing your head though, it’s not the real Queen Redd. On top of the many different art installations and performers, there are five Alice-themed stages for each genre of electronic music.

There’s the Caterpillar’s Garden. What the Caterpillar has to do with dubstep is beyond me. While the Blue Caterpillar himself does not make an appearance, there are performers that walk through the crowd with a Caterpillar that dances along to the music.

The hardstyle stage, Cheshire Woods, which is has a wild entrance involving the Cheshire Cat.

The techno stage, the Looking Glass, has a bunch of crystals refracting the lasers all over the place. Don’t try to jump into it though, it’s not a transport system.

Mad Hatters Castle for all you trance heads, built out of LED panels.

And of course, there is the main stage the Queens Domain.

This event is happening from the 23rd-24th of March 2023. This event also has a Pacific North West version that is on June 17th and 18th 2023. Unfortunately, this event has an age requirement of eighteen or older. Say the word and I with Frank will go to this coming event and do a write-up on it. I’m usually more closeted about my affinity for raves but you’re reading about Alice in Wonderland-themed things to do so I feel like this is a judgement-free zone.

I hope you all enjoyed the list and found an Alice-themed experience that you will be going to next. If you have been to any of these experiences let us know how they were or if you have been to an amazing experience that was not mentioned on this list, I want to hear about it. That’s it for me, I hope you all have a most frabjous day.

Meet The Author

Jared Hoffman Headshot

Jared Hoffman graduated from the American Film Institute with a degree in screenwriting. A Los Angeles native, his brand of comedy is satire stemming from the many different personalities and ego’s he has encountered throughout his life. As a lover of all things comedy, Jared is always working out new material and trying to make those around him laugh. His therapist claims this is a coping mechanism, but what does she know?

Pop Culture References To Alice In Wonderland You Just Can’t Miss

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland by Lewis Carrol is the most quoted book in the world behind the bible. This fact may come as a shock to you since the bible is read and used in many different situations around the world and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is an absurdist political commentary of an era in British royalty. Somehow, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has become so ingrained in language we are all unconscious of it. Lewis Carrol even popularized the term “Wonderland” which had been used in other works before but not nearly as much as it is today post Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

The language from Carrol’s book has become a mainstay in how people talk, including those who have never even read the books or seen the movies. Think about it, how many times have you said, “down the rabbit hole” or, “through the looking glass”? Maybe you’ve disliked a politician and called their actions “like the Red Queen.” Even sayings like “Red pill” or “Blue pill” have their roots in Alice. As the White Rabbit would say, “I’m late for a very important date!”

People will quote Alice in Wonderland and not even realize they are doing it. The vocabulary is all around us and ever-changing thanks to the internet.

Lady Gaga Takes Inspiration from Alice
Lady Gaga Takes Inspiration from Alice

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has transcended popular culture, it has become a part of and stayed in our language for over one hundred and fifty years. At this juncture, it’s not a matter of pop culture, it’s a facet of human culture. The language of Alice’s adventures in Wonderland is all over the place and we don’t even realize it. Take song titles for example. It does not matter if it’s a rock song like, “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane or a pop song like “Alice” by Lady Gaga. The musicians of Alice in Chains came up with the name because their backstage passes said “Welcome to Wonderland” and they came up with the idea that Alice (a sign of childhood and purity) being put in chains (bondage) was a good name for a grunge band.

Somehow Lewis Carrol managed to go beyond generations, genres, and political ideologies. What I’m getting at is, Alice is here and she is here to stay.

Red Pill and Blue pill are perfect examples of hidden Alice-isms that have shifted and changed thanks to the internet. The saying comes from the Wachowski sister’s movie The Matrix. Neo (played by Keanu Reeves) is given a choice between a red pill and a blue pill, “You take the blue pill – the story ends, you wake up in your bed and believe whatever you want to believe. You take the red pill- you stay in Wonderland and see how deep the rabbit hole goes.” Taking the red pill was a saying that used to mean “opening one’s eyes to the dark realities of the world.” This saying was co-opted again by the internet to then mean, “Opening one’s eye to the dark (liberal) realities of the world.” When people refer to themselves as “red-pilled” it usually means they are now only reading the news from “alternative news sources” and treat women poorly. There is also the idea of being “Blackpilled” which goes even deeper, it’s when people conclude there is no way out of their dark reality and their actions are non-consequential.

The Matrix Popularized Redd Pill & Blue Pill
The Matrix Popularized Redd Pill & Blue Pill

You don’t have to look far into other aspects of society to see Carrol’s influence on language. Take for example news headlines. From the New York Times article “Don’t go down the Rabbit Hole” about misinformation on the internet to this excerpt from a Hollywood Reporter article talking about the January 6th committee, “The hearing compellingly made the case that Trump orchestrated the day’s terror, chronicling such events as his private meeting at the White House with Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn and Rudy Giuliani that probably made the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party look like a Mensa gathering.” Alice-isms are used by the media all the time. What’s even stranger is how Lewis Carrol’s creations are becoming a part of real life.

Due to the recent trend of people’s mistrust of news, facts are no longer considered facts, if one disagrees with a news article it is brushed off as “Fake news.” If we can’t on what’s real then fantasy just declared war on reality. Add that to the distortion that algorithms cause in our lives, surrounding us in an echo chamber and warping everyone’s perception into thinking more people agree with their ideologies than there are. This has pushed our society into one akin to the Red Queen’s rule (which admittedly is still a dream compared to Queen Redd’s rule!), where people are guilty before being charged. Acquittals are meaningless if everyone is shouting, “off with their head.”

I’m going to put a trigger warning here because the subject matter I’m about to dive into is quite disturbing and if you want to keep the article a bit lighter, skip to the next paragraph. The darkness that is attached to that last term is not the only time that Lewis Carrol’s creations have been used for vile things. It’s a shame how creations of such whimsy and beauty can also be quickly changed and morphed into something completely and totally vile. Take for example the now defunct deep-web website “Wonderland”, a website dedicated to the collection and sharing of child pornography. Luckily this website was taken down and all those responsible for its creation and many active users have been arrested and sent to prison.

Bringing it back to the infinitely brighter and moral side of life— I will also point out how “grinning like the Cheshire cat” is an idiom not created, but certainly popularized by Carroll as he penned the (sanitized and fictionalized) version of Alice’s (or is it Alyss’s?) iconic story. This term was originally coined in the 18th century by Francis Grose, but took off as the definitive way to ascribe a smarminess to someone’s smile by its appearance in Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. To this day you can hear it in conversation and in song— listen to Cheshire Cat by Angela Ortiz (to name one of many songwriters that draw on the language of our favorite writer).

Angela Ortiz Sings “Cheshire Cat” on All About You

This essay barely scratches the surface of how Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland has influenced popular culture, society, and even language. Carrol somehow managed to create terms and language that fit perfectly into our lexicon today. With the internet’s ability to connect anyone anywhere, weirdness and wackiness will remain and compound allowing the vocabulary he created to survive. Carrol has managed to do with his book what few books have done, not only become a part of popular culture but become culture itself. Since culture is ever evolving, Alice-isms, or phrases from Alice in Wonderland, will remain a part of us even when we can no longer blatantly see that the source is from Carrol’s work.

Meet The Author

Jared Hoffman Headshot

Jared Hoffman graduated from the American Film Institute with a degree in screenwriting. A Los Angeles native, his brand of comedy is satire stemming from the many different personalities and ego’s he has encountered throughout his life. As a lover of all things comedy, Jared is always working out new material and trying to make those around him laugh. His therapist claims this is a coping mechanism, but what does she know?

You Won’t Believe How Cool These 2022 Alice in Wonderland Gifts Are

Holiday shopping is an annual source of anxiety and stress for me. Is it because I leave the shopping for the last second? Probably. Or, is it due to the fact that the people I know just buy the things they want when they want them, making finding something for them even more difficult? They both contribute equally. I’m assuming if you’re reading this list you’re just like me.

Worry not, for I scoured the net to find the perfect gifts for you to get your Alice-obsessed loved ones this holiday season instead of searching for gifts for my loved ones. On top of having the perfect items for the Alice in Wonderland themed gift, I will also have the Looking Glass Wars equivalent (or better) gift for you to consider as well.


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Prints

An important thing about being a fan of something is making sure all those who are around you are aware of your fandom. You might have a Cheshire Cat t-shirt and a dormouse teapot but have you ever thought to yourself, “What about my walls?” Well, these awesome prints are a fantastic way to spice up your house, apartment, and or shrine to all things Alice and would be the perfect gift for any Alice in Wonderland fan.

Looking Glass Wars Prints

Maybe you want something a bit different than just a mainstream Alice print. Perhaps you’re looking for something different. Or, perchance, you have been enlightened by the true story of princess Alyss & the Red Queen. You know that the Mad Hatter’s real name is Hatter Madigan, you know the power of white imagination. You are aware that Lewis Carrol got it all wrong and you need everyone to know it. These beautiful prints are the perfect way to show that you or a loved one, knows the true story of Wonderland.

The Looking Glass Wars Art Bundle
The Looking Glass Wars Art Bundle

Autographed Looking Glass Wars Poster and Print

Look, I get it, if you’re reading this, it probably means you or the Alice fan you’re shopping for already have all the standard issue prints available. If that’s the case, I’ve got the just thing for you. These limited-quantity Hatter M. and Hatter Madigan prints are signed by the artists who designed them. The Hatter M. poster is signed by comic book artist, Ben Templesmith. Who, along with doing the Hatter M. series, was the artist for the Dead Space comics as well as the Silent Hill comics.

The Hatter Madigan print is signed by Doug Chiang, the artist responsible for so many amazing concepts, from working on Terminator 2: Judgement Day, to Forrest Gump, to being the design director of Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace and Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the Clones.

Hatter M poster signed by Doug Chiang


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland First Edition

They say it’s the thought that really counts when it comes to a good gift. While this may be true, there is no replacement for a really high price tag. There is no better way to say “I love you.” Then spending, at a minimum, $8,000. If you have the means, this is the penultimate gift for an Alice super fan that will stop the White Rabbit in it’s tracks.

With its beautiful red cover and a gold filigree Alice on the cover this will be the showstopper gift that keeps on giving as it will only appreciate in value if kept in a good condition. If you don’t have this kind of money to throw around or maybe just don’t love the person as much as you claim to, haha. Either way, I found a reasonably priced equivalent so that the Pool of Tears are from tears of joy.

The Hatter M Graphic Novel Paperback Bundle!

Why buy one old book for $8,000 when you could buy six for $120!? The Hatter M. Graphic Novel Paperback Bundle comes with all six Hatter M. graphic novels! If that isn’t enough to sway you, compare this to the first addition Alices Adventures in Wonderland. Is the first edition Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland in color? No, but the Hatter M. series is. Does the first edition Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland have that new book smell? Of course not, well the Hatter M. bundle will have that tantalizing scent sixfold!

What are the storage requirements for the Alice’s Adventure in Wonderland first edition? I’ll tell you, a humidity-controlled safe. With the Hatter M. bundle, the storage requirements are only a bookshelf with enough space. No bookshelf? No problem. Put them on a coffee table, a desk, anywhere! It’s really a no-brainer what the better gift is. Before you even ask it, yes the books are fantastic. If I were you I’d also throw in the Looking Glass Wars trilogy. You’re going to need to know the backstory. Speaking of the backstory, the next gift will help out with that…

Seeing Redd ARC (advance readers copy) Publisher letter, deck of cards, & manuscript Signed By Frank Beddor

I like to think of this as a perfect hybrid of a first edition Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and the Hatter M. paperback bundle. It has the scarcity and collectability of the first edition book with an exceptionally more reasonable price tag. I think this would be the perfect gift for an Alice fan. It has the perfect ratio of “thought” which we all know is what counts, to price to be a penultimate gift for an Alice in Wonderland/Looking Glass Wars fan.

On top of coming with the advance readers copy of Seeing Redd, this has a publisher letter, a Looking Glass Wars Seeing Redd-themed deck of cards and, is hand signed by the author Frank Beddor. This is the true showstopper gift—but there are only two available!

Seeing Redd ARC (advance readers copy) Publisher letter, deck of cards, & manuscript (signed by Frank Beddor)
Seeing Redd ARC (advance readers copy) Publisher letter, deck of cards, & manuscript (signed by Frank Beddor)


Rare Sheet of Alice/Alyss Stamps

As a collector in general, when I see the word rare I instantly get excited. I don’t even collect stamps and I want these. The art on the stamp is of Princess Alyss on her birthday from the beginning of the Looking Glass Wars. Alternatively, if you enjoy the chapter of the lost Heart Princess’ life on earth, check out the Orphan Alyss Stamps.

Limited edition sheet of 16 U.K. Card Soldier stickers

Before I started working with Frank Beddor, I knew his work. To really tell you this story, I’m going to take you all back on a trip with me fifteen years ago. I’m ten, it’s a chilly autumn day, as per usual, I don’t want to be at school. But wait, today is different, something magical is here, it’s the scholastic book fair, I walk in and I’m greeted with books galore, one book sticks out to me.

The cover art reminds me of a battle droid from Star Wars the Phantom Menace, you know, the ones that go, “Roger roger.” Except it’s holding some kind of spear. I’m talking of course about the playing card soldier that is on the front cover of The Looking Glass Wars. If you or a loved one loved the cover art anywhere near as much as I did, then this is the perfect gift.

Looking Glass Wars sticker collection 2
The Looking Glass Wars Sticker Bundle

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Jared Hoffman Headshot

Jared Hoffman graduated from the American Film Institute with a degree in screenwriting. A Los Angeles native, his brand of comedy is satire stemming from the many different personalities and ego’s he has encountered throughout his life. As a lover of all things comedy, Jared is always working out new material and trying to make those around him laugh. His therapist claims this is a coping mechanism, but what does she know?

Amazing Things You Can Do To Celebrate The Holidays 2022 With Alice In Wonderland

With the holidays coming up I know all you Alice-heads and Looking-Glass-lovers are shopping around for the perfect thing for those who love all things Wonderland. I’m not going to give that to you. Things are temporary, but memories, those are forever. Wait, what lasts longer again, memories or plastic? Whatever the case, I’m going to give you five perfect Alice in Wonderland experiences that you and your loved ones can enjoy over the holidays. These experiences take place all over the world, so, if you take a vacation (or go on holiday as our friends over the pond say) in the December months, why not make the trip down the rabbit hole to where these things take place.

Alice im Wunderland, Opernhaus Zürich (Alice in Wonderland Opera, Zurich Switzerland)

Alice in Wonderland Opera, Zurich Switzerland
Alice in Wonderland Opera, Zurich Switzerland

That’s Wunderland pronounced voon-der-lund. Close your eyes, now open them because I realized you can’t read what I’m typing. I want you to Imagine the perfect holiday vacation. In your mind’s eye, what do you imagine? Do you imagine beautiful landscapes? I’m sure you do. What about fantastic chocolate? Of course, you are. How about some of the best banks and bankers in the world? Well if those three things are on your list, Zurich is the place for you. Now that you’re there on your holiday vacation, you’re probably searching high and low for something Alice related to do. I’ve got the thing just for you, just pop on over to Oppernhaus in Zurich where they are showing an Alice in Wonderland opera by Pierangelo Valtinoni. If you haven’t been to an opera before you are in for a real treat, the costumes are amazing and the music is fantastic. I’m particularly fond of the Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum costumes. This event is running now till January 19th and would make a perfect addition to any holiday vacation.

Alice in Wonderland Rides at Disney Parks

Alice in Wonderland Rides at Disney Parks
Alice in Wonderland Rides at Disney Parks

The 1951 Walt Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is arguably the most famous version of Lewis Carroll’s novels so it would make sense that they would use the IP in their many different parks. With rides that take you through the story of Alice in Wonderland, a labyrinth, and even the medieval torture device that is the Mad Hatters Teacups, Alice fans will have a ride to fit their fancy. During the holiday seasons, the Disney parks get all made up with amazing decorations which is honestly a sight to see. Including a Christmas parade where Alice can be seen waving on a float. Why not bring the whole family and feel like Alice yourself.

Alice on Wednesday, Japan

If you’d rather a fried chicken dinner than a turkey, get over to Japan for Christmas. While you’re there you should stop over at Alice on Wednesday. What is it? Well the poor google translation that I had of the website had me thinking that it was a sweet shop, but as I dug deeper, I saw photos of a “dining room” made up to look like the Red Queens, then I kept digging and saw Alice themed nick nacks. So I’ve come to the conclusion that I don’t fully know what it is, but I can tell you this, it looks amazing. Take a chance and see where your journey down the rabbit hole leads you. For those who are more cautious, allow me to reassure you. Having been to Japan before, I can say with confidence, everything lives up to the hype, and experiences are as good or better than the photos on their websites. Except for the owl cafes, I’d skip those.

Alice On Wednesday, Japan
Alice On Wednesday, Japan

Ok, I dug a bit more on their website, I think it’s a store, but it’s three floors and intricately designed around Alice characters. Definitely worth stopping by. I do not know what Wednesday has to do with the store or Alice nor have I been able to find an answer. What I can tell you is this would be a perfect place to take an Alice-obsessed loved one for a shopping spree that they will never forget.

Find the Alice Statues of Llandudno, Wales

Alice Statues in Llandudno, Wales

After spending a couple of minutes looking up how to pronounce Llandudno, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s not pronounceable. That’s not important, what is important though is the history of this town. Llandudno was the location of the holiday home of Alice Liddell AKA Alice from Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland AKA Princess Alyss. I can’t think of a better way to spend the holidays with your loved ones than in the place Alice spent her holidays! On top of that, where the holiday home was located has been turned into a hotel, you can literally see what Alice saw! If that isn’t Alice enough for you, you’re in luck, there is an interactive self-guided tour that can be downloaded on your phone that will lead you to the favorite spots of the Lidells. This tour is more than just a mere map, no, this app actually uses AR technology to allow you to interact with the Wonderlanders themselves as you wander through this beautiful town. Anyone who goes to this please let me know how to pronounce Llandudno I keep pronouncing it with a y sound as if it were Spanish but I think that’s incorrect.

Hunt for Alice and Co. At A Christmas Light Show Near You

An Alice In Wonderland Tribute in Christmas Lights
An Alice Tribute in Christmas Lights

While on the hunt for the thing to put on this list to bring it all home, I realized that none of them were free and that isn’t fair. The holidays are expensive and maybe you want something to do that will only cost you as much as it takes to get there. I had a vague memory of Christmas lights being set up to display Alice characters and was wondering if I was grasping at straws or if it was real. Well, it turns out I was right, if your neighborhood has some of those crazy Christmas light people or if your city puts on a free Christmas light show, I promise you will find an Alice character hidden somewhere in there. This is a fun hunt to do with your family and is something I will be doing with my family this coming season. Bring hot coco for extra points.

Well, that’s all I have for you today. I wish all of you a happy, healthy, and stress-free holiday. And if you don’t celebrate the holidays, have a happy un-birthday!

Jared Hoffman

Jared Hoffman graduated from the American Film Institute with a degree in screenwriting. A Los Angeles native, his brand of comedy is satire stemming from the many different personalities and ego’s he has encountered throughout his life. As a lover of all things comedy, Jared is always working out new material and trying to make those around him laugh. His therapist claims this is a coping mechanism, but what does she know?

This Is No Game: Tim Story Should Look At Frank Beddor Monopoly Movie Treatment

I was talking with my boss Frank Beddor the other day and our conversation landed on childhood. No, we weren’t comparing trauma, we were talking about board games. I had brought up Monopoly and Frank brought up the fact that he had actually written a Monopoly movie with Eric Laster years prior. I thought he was making a joke but he was actually completely serious. He went on to say that he even had Ridley Scott attached to the project. Which is insane on a couple levels. Surface level being Ridley Scott directed Alien, Blade Runner, and Gladiator which seem like they would be a different tone than the Monopoly movie.

Sir Ridley Scott
Sir Ridley Scott

Immediately an intrusive thought came into my head of Joaquin Phoenix giving a thumbs down to a replicant who can’t make their rent causing a thimble to burst out of their chest. Which honestly is a great allegory for a landlord/renter relationship. The project, unfortunately, fell apart but I asked to read the treatment for the Monopoly movie.

After reading the treatment, I was blown away, I asked Frank if he minded me pitching a couple of jokes on it and he gave me the go-ahead. Frank told me that Kevin Hart and Tim Story are now attached to the project which is slated to come out in 2027. With a release date that far off it’s a safe bet that there is no script.

Now I’m here shouting into the void hoping that Kevin Hart or Tim Story would want to take a peek at what Frank has created.

After immersing myself in Kevin & Tim’s catalog of movies I can confidently say that they would be perfect for this film. Kevin being a master at playing a “straight man” like characters and being thrown into impossibly wild situations causing him to become the comic and Tim’s mastery of comedic direction and use of the camera to enhance the comedy really are the missing thimble and wheelbarrow pieces to this monopoly movie.

Kevin Hart
Kevin Hart

Kevin would be great as Chuck Nash, a middle-aged, Monopoly-obsessed, man. Chuck works as a mid-level cog at the elite AlphaProperties real estate company while also pulling double duty at his family’s game store, where he lives… With his mother… Which I can’t actually make fun of because I hang out at my mom’s all the time, it’s tough out there and there is free food and coffee at her place. He’s also hopelessly in love with his high school crush Melissa but is “waiting for the right opportunity to ask her out.” Which we all know means that he is too nervous to ask her. I can make fun of this because, as an aspiring comedy writer, I’m the epitome of self-confidence.

The story starts off with a montage of Chuck as a child growing up and how monopoly has always been there for him. The first time he played it with his parents, the first time he bought a property, the first time he landed on a space with a hotel on it and flipped the board, arguing over the real rules of the game v.s. “house rules” that other use, him playing too aggressively while on a first date with a girl thus ruining his chances for a second date. You know, things we have all done. The montage ends with Chuck rolling the dice on himself, after noticing that his childhood neighborhood is taking a dark turn toward the vilest of beasts, gentrification.

Chuck creates a business plan to save his neighborhood, which he is going to propose to his bosses the Alpha Brothers, he calls the plan “Gentrification with a Soul.” His bosses love it, except they hate the soul part, you see, soul affects profit margins. So, now his neighborhood is going to get gentrified worse than New York. For those of you that don’t know, used to have the nickname “Fear City” but that’s all changed now that Harlem is full of kids from LA with rich parents.

His mother, who thinks his proposal went off like a success, surprises him with a gift, a first edition monopoly board. Not wanting to break the bad news to his mother, he does not tell her what happened. Little does Chuck know this board is special, and the next day he is in for a rude awakening when he goes to buy his morning cup of coffee, all he has is Monopoly money, his pockets are overflowing with the colorful cash that looks like Canadian money. The barista happily takes the cash, which is weird, but what’s even weirder is what he sees outside. That’s right, he’s in Monopoly world.

Monopoly is ripe for adaptation
Monopoly is ripe for adaptation

You may be wondering to yourself, “how did he end up in monopoly world? Was it magic? A portal to a different universe? Psychosis induced by lead exposure?” To which I answer you with a gracious, “you ask too many questions.”

Monopoly world is a sprawling, high-speed metropolis where businesses cannibalize each other for breakfast and have hostile takeovers for tea. It’s like Wall Street on cocaine… Scratch that, it’s like Wall Street and Succession had a baby and it was on twice as much cocaine but preferably with a PG rating, so like pixy stix? The city is a perfect representation of the board game coming to life. Single seater race cars zip through town, a cannon statue sits in the middle of the park, a wheelbarrow is pushed around, and someone has a thimble. Side note, why is the thimble a piece and how do I always end up being forced to use it?

In the center of the town is the Exchange, the central hub where all business takes place. Chuck thinks he is dreaming and makes a fool of himself, which as we have all seen before, Kevin Hart portrays perfectly on the screen.

After standing up for a woman who is being evicted named Julia who looks exactly like his real-world crush Melissa. When he offers to pay her rent, he learns that he actually has enough money to buy the whole building. As a renter myself, this is a dream I have on the first of every month. Chuck becomes the landlord of Vermont Ave. Which catches the eye of the Parker Brothers, the hyper-wealthy businessmen who are striving to have a monopoly over the city. They are actively buying up all the properties, booting those who live there to the slums of Baltic Ave. and turning them into overpriced hotels (which no one can afford to stay at). Their drive to get a monopoly not only comes from an insatiable thirst for cash but also because it’s the only way out of the city and back into the real world. They aren’t happy with one monopoly, they want two, a dualopoly if you will.

Chuck and Julia team up in an attempt to take down the Parker Brothers. This is no easy task since the Parker Bros also control the banks, cheating just like the person who always insists on being the banker.

In this wild adventure, Chuck stays at one of the Parker Brothers  Serling-esque hotels, is kidnapped,, becomes a business magnate, shuts down the Exchange to cause a “Bank Error”, becomes monopoly obsessed, and uses the skills he’s learned from playing the board game to help him escape this crazy world in time to save his neighborhood from the encroaching assault of overpriced coffee shops that come along with gentrification. Maybe, just maybe, these events will give him the confidence to ask Melissa out.

Rich Uncle Pennybags, the mascot of Monopoly
Rich Uncle Pennybags, the mascot of Monopoly

Oh, and don’t you go another second worrying that Rich Uncle Pennybags isn’t in this movie, he makes constant cameos all over town as a driver, railway operator, therapist, masseuse, and perhaps even a mohel. Is it the same person or does he have a bunch of identical twins? Is he a poor man who has a bunch of odd jobs dressing like a rich man? Or is he an eccentric billionaire who enjoys life around town? Whatever the case, he’s hilarious.

If that little highlight reel doesn’t have your fancy tickled Mr. Hart and Mr. Story. Allow me to attempt to tickle it once more. I really have studied both of your films and I’ve noticed that while they are incredibly funny, the themes that are tackled are quite profound and are full of heart. This film, while being a perfect opportunity for Kevin to be his Kevinist and for Tim to get some hilarious action shots, will also examine the effects of gentrification, corporate greed, and wealth disparity as well as the fact that nothing good in life can happen unless you take a chance on yourself and on those around you.

Like the chance cards in the board game, you never know what the outcome will be until you roll the dice… I mixed up my metaphors just then but I’m sticking with what I said. To clear up what I’m trying to say with this metaphor, Kevin, Tim, want to discuss this over lunch? Frank’s buying.

Read the Original Los Angeles Times Article by Geoff Boucher for more details.

Meet The Author

Jared Hoffman graduated from the American Film Institute with a degree in screenwriting. A Los Angeles native, his brand of comedy is satire stemming from the many different personalities and ego’s he has encountered throughout his life.

Politics in the Age of Internet Even Finds Alice In Wonderland As Fair Game for Satire

Denholm here again, the former royal jester of Wonderland. The other day, Frank called me up and told me I was tasked to write an article about the best Alice in Wonderland political cartoons to coincide with the upcoming election in The United States of America. I responded, “Frank, though I may have worked for the royal family of Wonderland, I’m but a simple jester. I know not of your world’s political systems, I’m not qualified to talk on such a subject.” Frank then explained to me the ins and outs of the American political system, and, yeah, turns out, I’m just as qualified as the rest of them.

Alice in Wonderland and political satire are one and the same. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland originally was a satirical view of Queen Victoria’s court. It only makes sense that it would be used today to satirize any government official around the world. Due to its original intentions and ease of comparative parallels, Alice in Wonderland is the most quoted book in history (besides the bible). There is an endless supply of political cartoons relating to Alice in Wonderland because of this. It seems like no matter where you look in politics, there is always a quote from Alice in Wonderland to help get drive a point home. I mean the republicans have a subset called the “tea party.” It’s like they’re begging to be portrayed as members of the Mad Hatters tea party.

I learned that there are two major political parties in America, the Democrats, and the Republicans. As of late, it seems as though the supporters of these two political parties aren’t the biggest fans of each other. It isn’t a stretch to say they aren’t invited to each other’s unbirthday parties. These comics are going to make fun of everyone, right, left, center, all fair game. If you feel yourself getting upset at a comic for whatever reason, just remember, these comics are making fun of people you don’t actually know, this is not making fun of you. If you leave an angry comment, email, or whatever, just know I will laugh at you for getting so upset you took the time out of your day to do that. This list will have comics for people who are left-leaning to chuckle at while they drive their Prius and sip coffee cut with some sort of plant-based milk as well as comics for right-learning people to chuckle at while they drive their Hummer to a gun range. By doing this, no one will get upset at me… Except they probably will… Because it’s politics. At least I’ve got my therapist on speed dial for when you all inevitably pull a Queen Redd and yell, “Off with my head!” So let’s get into it.

Trump’s Different Depictions in Wonderland

If you google “Alice in Wonderland political cartoons” you will be bombarded with drawings of Trump as the Red Queen, or Trump as the Cheshire cat, or Trump as the Mad Hatter, and even in one instance, Trump as Alice herself. It seems as though, since 2016, political cartoonists have all found a collective muse, ex-president Donald Trump.

Trump, strangely enough, does fit all these characters I have mentioned. Love them or hate them, with the current document scandal, the January 6th hearings, and Trump’s access to the media, I don’t foresee these kinds of comics leaving us any time soon.

Due to this, I decided to group together a bunch of Alice in Wonderland political cartoons involving Donald Trump.

Cartoonist: Rob Rogers
Cartoonist: Rob Rogers
Cartoonist: Phill Hands
Cartoonist: Phill Hands
Cartoonist: Rob Rogers
Cartoonist: Rob Rogers

The Red Queen works here because while Trump never did officially say “Off with her head.” He did say some other stuff that got his “fans” quite riled up, especially that one time in January when the “fans” tried to meet with then Vice President Mike Pence to “persuade him to reconsider his calling of the election.” There are about three-billion other cartoons of Trump saying, “Off with their head.” Which means one of two things; Trump throws a lot of tantrums and/or political cartoonists are all Carlos Mencilla and blatantly stealing each others jokes. I’ll leave it up to you to decide.

Cartoonist: Drew Sheneman
Cartoonist: Drew Sheneman

The Mad Hatter and Trump is an interesting one for me. The cartoonist’s intentions behind portraying Trump as the Mad Hatter seem to me, to be an implication that Trump is crazy. The thing is that while Trump and the Mad Hatter are both crazy, the Mad Hatter is whimsical and random and I don’t think “whimsical” and Trump have ever actually been used in a sentence before.

I also mentioned above that there is a subset of the Republican party called the “tea party.” This fact could be another intention behind the use of the Mad Hatter. Along with Trump as the Mad Hatter we have a lot of other people being represented as characters from Alice in Wonderland. We have Tillerson as Tweedle Dee, Flynn as Tweedle Dum, Ivanka Trump as Alice, Mike Pence as the White Rabbit, Steve Bannon as the Cheshire Cat, and Putin as the Dormouse.

Cartoonist: Kevin Siers

The Cheshire cat depictions are also quite intriguing. Trump’s smile is slightly reminiscent of the Cheshire cat’s. But while the Cheshire cat has more of a mischievous grin Trump’s grin is more akin to that of a car salesman who tricked you into thinking you got a good deal.

Cartoonist: Dale Cummings
Cartoonist: Dale Cummings

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, if you don’t get it, Dum in the sounds like “Dumb.” What I like about this though, is that Boris Johnson and Donald Trump do look like they could be brothers. Even crazier is that they seem to be two halves of the same coin. Boris pretends to be odd to lower people’s guards and Trump pretends to… Um… No, actually, he seems pretty upfront with what he is about.

Bernie Sanders as the Cheshire Cat

Cartoonist: Steve Artley
Cartoonist: Steve Artley

Now that we’ve gotten Trump out of the way (unfortunately I’m only talking about in this article) let’s move on to poking fun at the Democrats. A political party that can’t seem to agree on stuff. This was made the clearest when Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders were both running for the spot as Democratic candidate during the 2016 presidential election. I don’t know who threw the first stone, but at the time it felt like Bernie’s and Hilary’s supporters hated each other more than the whole hating Trump.

A Budget in Wonderland

Cartoonist: Jerry Holbert
Cartoonist: Jerry Holbert

Oh, looky here, the left thought they were safe from ridicule when it comes to Alice in Wonderland political cartoons, well that’s not the case. I think there is a good learning opportunity here. While I don’t necessarily agree with what is being said in this cartoon, I do think it’s funny. I think if people stop feeling the need to agree with a joke for it to be funny, we can start making steps to getting along a bit more. Sorry went down a bit of a rabbit hole on that rant. A boy can dream. Have you ever heard a political discussion between kids? It’s the funniest thing ever, neither kid has any idea as to what they are talking about and make up facts to prove a point that they don’t fully understand. Not unlike a political discussion between two adults.

Big Tobacco in Wonderland

Cartoonist: Joe Heller
Cartoonist: Joe Heller

The Blue Caterpillar and his hookah go together like peanut butter and jelly. Here’s a fun little fact for you, the Alice in Wonderland Disney movie was the first time in a Disney cartoon a character was against smoking, all be it, the “anti-smoking message” was Alice coughing, but for 1951, that’s pretty good. I’m not going to get into a discussion as to whether or not vaping is worse than cigarettes. If big tobacco is behind anything, it’s usually not a good thing. A lot of people I know vape and they only cough a lot during the day. There is a missing point here that I feel should be pointed out. Hookahs don’t burn tobacco, they heat the tobacco with coals and the “smoke” is actually vapor, which means Hookahs are the proto-vape. Along with this, they use flavored tobaccos that are similar to that of an electronic cigarette. If Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland was written today, without a doubt the Blue Caterpillar would be chiefing on one of those big vapes that put out massive clouds. He’d probably have a goatee and wear a beanie too.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party (Republicans)

Cartoonist: Clay Bennett
Cartoonist: Clay Bennett

I’ve mentioned it above so it’s only natural I show you a representation. I’m going to be honest, with the way the Republican party is going, I miss the Tea Party. For those that don’t know, the Tea Party got their name from the Boston Tea Party. Not the Mad Hatters Tea Party, which is a bit of a letdown. For those of you who are from not America and are reading this list. The Boston Tea Party was a protest against the Tea Act of 1773. The protest consisted of raiding a merchant ship and throwing all the tea into the harbor.

This sounds cool but unfortunately, those involved in the Boston Tea Party were disguised as Native Americans. Which is pretty weak. If you’re gonna protest something, don’t pass the buck to avoid retribution. Maybe that’s why they call themselves Tea Party Republicans, they would strip public services of cash, then pass the buck and claim public services don’t work. So, the name is pretty fitting.

Alice in USSR-Land

Cartoonist: L. D. Warren
Cartoonist: L. D. Warren

I am so glad this comic had an explanation when I googled it because I had no idea who the Blue caterpillar was. Turns out it was former Russian leader Nikita Khruschev. This is the oldest political cartoon on this list. After some more googling about Nikita (I refuse to type his last name again). This is anti-Russian propaganda. That word, propaganda, strikes fear into the hearts of those who think they can’t be manipulated by the government. I would argue you can and are.

Worry not my tinfoil hat-wearing readers, propaganda can actually be used for good! I’ll give you an example. At the beginning of the Russia-Ukraine war, there was a Ukrainian fighter pilot that had apparently downed 40 Russian planes, known as the, “Ghost of Kyiv.” The fighter pilot that struck fear into the Russian’s hearts. Well, like a ghost, the Ghost of Kyiv is not real. That was propaganda, good propaganda used to raise the morale of those fighting to protect their home country, but still, propaganda none the less and you probably fell for it. I did. Please don’t go down the rabbit hole of trying to find out what is and isn’t propaganda like I did, it will have you questioning what is real.

With all these political cartoons I realized something. I miss Wonderland. Princess Alyss is much kinder than all these politicians. What’s worse, it seems that some politicians are learning how to use dark imagination. Though they are calling the dark imagination, “alternative facts.” We must work together to get rid of this oxymoronic term and get back on track with the truth.

With that final statement, I leave you with this.

Cartoonist: Jeff Stahler
Cartoonist: Jeff Stahler

Why are you still reading, I declared that my final statement…. Oh alright—here are a few more honorable mentions that are too good to miss:

Meet The Author

Jared Hoffman graduated from the American Film Institute with a degree in screenwriting. A Los Angeles native, his brand of comedy is satire stemming from the many different personalities and ego’s he has encountered throughout his life. As a lover of all things comedy, Jared is always working out new material and trying to make those around him laugh. His therapist claims this is a coping mechanism, but what does she know?