Ask 5 Answer 5 with Gregory Maguire & Frank Beddor

Ask 5 Answer 5 with Gregory Maguire & Frank Beddor

Today we’re hosting a very special feature focusing in on the novels, inspirations, and habits of two very exciting authors!

Frank Beddor is an skier, stuntman, actor, producer, and the author behind The Looking Glass Wars, which he is currently developing for Broadway. So it’s no surprise that he sat down with fellow author Gregory Maguire, who was also recently inspired by Alice In Wonderland in his new novel After Alice but is known for another re-imagining of a classic that spawned a Broadway hit. Take a look!

Ask 5 Answer 5
Q&A with Frank Beddor and Gregory Maguire

Welcome to Ask 5 Answer 5, where I ask 5 questions of a writer I would love to have a conversation with. In return, they ask me 5 questions and we mash it all up here for your reading pleasure.

My inaugural guest is author Gregory Maguire, perhaps best known for Wicked.

First off. I am always curious as to how writers prepare themselves to write. What do you do to help settle yourself down to writing? For instance, I like to dust with a feather duster.

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