A guest post by Hatter M co-writer Liz Cavalier

A guest post by Hatter M co-writer Liz Cavalier

While most would probably assume Royal Bodyguard Hatter Madigan is the only one having adventures, the fact is that writing the books can also lead to some challenging events. Following the completion of vol. 4, Hatter M: Zen of Wonder, writer Liz Cavalier experienced an adventure of her own.

Let this be the record…

How I Summoned the Demons of Fear

Hatter M Institute

During the research and writing of Zen of Wonder the Hatter M Institute took up residence in a deserted 17th century monastery high atop Mount Haku. When we completed the volume, Frank encouraged me to join him on his flight to Los Angeles but I, rather than leave the sanctuary for the stresses of the world, chose to remain behind to continue my meditation practice. The other members of the Institute, the cartographers, historians and geo-theorists had already departed to begin researching Love of Wonder, the fifth and final volume in the Hatter series. A jovial cook had promised to remain with me, but at the last moment decided to take a Carnival Cruise to the Philippines. And so suddenly, I was alone. Unfazed and eager to continue my meditation I pushed on, going deeper and further into ‘no mind’. In hindsight, it is now obvious that as I opened myself to the unseen world, I became vulnerable to the many, many demons that inhabit Japan. One night as I meditated, the lit candle flickering in front of me was knocked across the room and extinguished. My eyes flew open and I saw a row of Japanese demons glaring at me. Just as quickly I shut my eyes. When I dared to re-open them moments later, the demons had vanished, but my fear remained. What had I seen? Recalling Demonologist Sonja M’s research for Zen of Wonder I was able to identify several of the manifestations… Amazake-babaa – an old woman who asks for sweet sake and brings disease… Kosode-no-te – a short-sleeved kimono with its own hands, Nukekubi… a vicious human like monster whose head detaches from its body. The others were various scaly, serpent tiger giant bird hybrids mixed with human characteristics and altogether horrifying. Could these manifestations have been only a temporary hallucination or something real? One thing was certain. I had felt fear. And as I had learned during the writing of Zen of Wonder, fear was an open invitation to demons. Unless I could conquer the fear surging inside me the demons would remain. Thankfully, I knew the secret of vanquishing the demons. But could I wield it alone?

*No Spoilers Alert*

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