A guest post by Hatter M artist Sami Makkonen

A guest post by Hatter M artist Sami Makkonen

Helsinki Finland, February 2013

Hey everybody,

I’m Sami Makkonen, the artist of the Hatter M graphic novel series.

Now that Frank and Liz have finished the story line and I have completed illustrating Zen of Wonder, the 4th volume in the Hatter M series is nearly ready for you to read. We only need your help in the final step of bringing this book to life. Please help us fund the printing and help Hatter M find Alyss by pledging to our Kickstarter! As an expression of my appreciation, here’s a new sketch.

kickstarter hatter

Working on this series has been a great experience for me. It has been an artistic adventure that has taken me to worlds I wouldn’t have traveled into without Hatter M. It’s a constant stream of challenges and rewards. What an epic story– Hatter M wandering all over the 19th century world… a very unique story. A story that needs to be told.

origami fighter with captionThese past few years it has always been a pleasure to receive the next part of the script; the storyline and dialogue are so wonderful that they always make me smile. They drive me to take out my pens immediately and start the layout process. Somewhere along the line, it started to feel like I know the main characters personally. I instinctively know how Hatter reacts in certain situations.

Zen of Wonder has also given me interesting and challenging figures to study and design— be prepared for samurai, demons, ship captains, and even more milliners in the upcoming volume. Over the years Hatter M has helped me to hone my skills, and now that we are nearing the end of the saga I feel I am ready for all the wonders ahead of me. I can’t wait to start drawing the final volume!

But first we need your help to make Zen of Wonder come alive. Pledge to the Hatter M Kickstarter!

– Sami Makkonen

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