Many thanks!!

Posted on February 27th, by Frank Beddor in Blog, Featured. 2 comments

Once again, THANK YOU to everyone who has supported my Kickstarter campaign so far!  To express my gratitude, I just filmed this video for you to witness my excitement and hear what I have planned next!

Thanks again!



2 thoughts on “Many thanks!!

  1. Hi I loved your presentation and interaction with the students at Falcon Hill Elementary in Mesa, AZ. I was wondering about the box of cards. Are those the cards that you got from the gentleman you had a spot of tea with? Are they a part of history and is there really a museum of cards?

  2. Yes, those are the cards from Mr. Buffington who I had the spot of tea with, but I was never able to get the remaining cards from the British Museum because the museum does not own them. They’re traveling around the world at various exhibits.

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